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Treatment & Compensation Lawyer in Denver

Whether you live in Aurora, Denver, or any other city in Colorado, John and his staff will meet with you and thoroughly examine your personal injury case. If you’ve been hurt, get accident compensation from a lawyer in Denver. There are many forms of personal injury cases that John Fuller represents. The most common personal injury that we represent are motor vehicle crashes and premises liability cases

Were you injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault? If you were injured, you deserve compensation. Our lawyers in Denver can help. Of course, nothing will truly undo the damage done, but receiving compensation for your pain, suffering, lost wages and property damages is your right.

One of the most difficult circumstances to recover from is when getting into an accident with someone who isn’t carrying valid car insurance. Were you or a loved one injured by an uninsured motorist? You need a lawyer in Denver! Often uninsured motorists hit and run, knowing that their insurance isn’t valid and fearful of being held liable for the damage they’ve caused. If a person who hit and runs can be tracked down after the incident, which is challenging enough, getting what you deserve out of them outside of court is even more difficult to accomplish. A lawyer will help you examine your civil court case and develop a plan for how to get payments from the offending party, as their insurance will not be involved.