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18 Wheel Semi Trucks

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Like any state in the US, Colorado sees a large number of 18-wheelers travel on its roads and across the state each year. Like standard passenger vehicles such as cars, trucks, SUV’s and motorcycles, there are many laws in Colorado which directly address the specifics of the state’s topography and weather. The most commonly known and understood of these laws is the chain laws for 18 wheelers traveling on much of Colorado’s I-70 between September 1st and May 31st. All commercial vehicles not carrying chains during this period on the required sections of I-70 face fines and may face significant liability if chains are not used when they are required. Chains are usually only required during and after a significant snow storm that leaves a layer of snow covering the road. Like any vehicle, commercial trucks, 18-wheelers, and semis are required to follow all posted speed limits and traffic signs. Throughout Colorado, the use of lanes and the flow of traffic varies from one location to the next. This makes observing all posted traffic signs extremely important and large part of driving safely. Often, these signs are all the more important for large commercial vehicles to follow, as commercial trucks will have wider turning radiuses, spend longer in intersections, and require a much longer distance to stop than the average passenger car. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm Many of the most important laws for commercial trucks in Colorado are the ones that tell them where not to drive. Specifically, there are many roadways which are either seasonally, or permanently closed to 18-wheelers and keeping 18-wheel trucks off these roads drastically improves the roads’ safety. These roads often include steep passes, narrow streets, and roads which do not have a stable enough base to allow heavy trucks to pass over them. The creation of the laws and regulations which have excluded 18-wheel vehicles from certain roads have significantly reduced accidents and encourages large trucks to use only roads which allow them to safely travel.

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