Month: May 2013

Driver Arrested In Connection With The Death Of A Cyclist

  The driver arrested in connection with the death of a cyclist in Lyons has publicly criticized bicyclists, according to the Denver Post. As the Lyons Planning and Community Development Commission held town meetings concerning bike lanes on local streets, Patrick Ward occasionally appeared to make comments about cyclists €œdisobeying signage and traffic lights€ as well as saying that €œThese people don’t belong in Lyons.€ Ward was...

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Cab Driver Killed

  The cab driver who was killed when another driver ran a red light and crashed into his taxi was remembered in a memorial service at Lotus School of Excellence, according to 9 News. Junior Soko came to the United States from his native Liberia seeking the opportunity for a better life for his family. Friends say that he worked hard to create a good life for his wife and children, and also sent money home to his family in Liberia. But his...

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is considering guidelines for auto manufacturers that would limit the time that drivers can spend using touchscreen devices built into their cars, according to CBS Denver. With more and more vehicles being manufactured with touch screen devices, such as sound systems and GPS units built into the dash, and distracted driving a pervasive problem across the country, the NHTSA hopes that by...

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Ridell Ordered To Pay Over $3 Million

  9 News reports that football helmet manufacturer Ridell has been ordered to pay over $3 million to the family of a high school student in Las Animas County who suffered brain injuries while wearing a Ridell helmet. The suit claims that Ridell failed to adequately warn of the dangers of concussion. Ridell faces a similar suit in California, as well as complaint by numerous former NFL players. The jury here in Colorado determined that damages...

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