Month: June 2014

What the #@&%^! — Do YOU Have Road Rage?

Aggressive driving causes many unnecessary accidents on the road. When sharing the road with other motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, it is important to be patient and courteous in order to avoid catastrophic and deadly accidents. Recognizing who is an aggressive and dangerous driver is just one step towards protecting yourself and those you love. Realizing that you may have a road rage problem is another€¦   Common Behaviors of Aggressive...

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What are your Odds of Dying?

Death is inevitable for us all. While no one knows the exact day or hour of their passing, in the end, it is something we will all experience. For many of us, this creates extreme anxiety that can develop into phobias about airplane crashes, tornados, or salmonella. Yet what are your odds of dying? You may be surprised!   Odds of Dying: Heart Disease €“ 1 in 388 Cancer €“ 1 in 499 Unintentional injuries €“ 1 in 2,228 Diabetes €“ 1 in 4,009 Motor...

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