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It’s officially that time of year again! Time to sharpen your pencils and zip up your backpacks! While starting a new school year can be an exciting time for everyone in the family, it also means that your children will, once again, be exposed to a host of dangers that were not an issue over the summer break. During the school year, children spend more time at school than they do anywhere other than their own homes, and as parents, we want to believe our children are safe in the school environment. Unfortunately, they are not as safe as we would like to believe—and injuries can occur in a variety of ways.

School Bus Accidents

Opportunities for injuries abound in and around school buses. Almost 23 million children ride school buses every day, and despite claims by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that school buses are the safest mode of public transportation, nearly 17,000 kids end up in emergency rooms every year because of school bus-related injuries. This is even more serious when kids are traveling long distances—such as for field trips and overnight weekend excursions.

Playground Negligence

The majority of injuries sustained at elementary schools occur on the playground. Playgrounds that are devoid of protective surfaces, have equipment that poses entrapment hazards, or equipment with protruding parts which can scrape skin or entangle clothing can all lead to serious injuries. Lack of proper playground supervision is another serious issue that often leads to injuries. Broken bones, head injuries, and internal injuries are just some of the injuries children can suffer while at recess.

Weapons at School

In today’s day and age, weapons are entering our schools in alarming numbers. It is never acceptable for another child to bring a violent weapon into a school, but they still occur—even in schools that are equipped with metal detectors. Teach your children to immediately report any knowledge of other students having possession of knives, guns, or other weapons. These are strictly prohibited on school grounds and can be the source of horrific school day injuries.


Nationwide, one in ten of the estimated 7 million in-school injuries between 2001 and 2008 were a result of physical altercations amongst classmates. Additionally, children who received these types of intentional injuries at school were twice as likely to be sent to the emergency room. Being physically assaulted or bullied at school can also damage children emotionally and result in attempted suicides and eating disorders.

School Shootings

Whether inflicted by an outsider or a student, school shootings are among the most horrific of tragedies. School shootings are frightening and have long-lasting implications on families and their communities. In recent years there have been an increasing number of school shootings in elementary schools, high schools, and even universities. Teach your children what to do if a shooter does enter their school and find out what your child’s school’s safety protocols are.

How a Denver Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

In this country, children under the age of 15 suffer approximately 15 million unintentional injuries every year. Furthermore, it is estimated that nearly a quarter of these take place in and around schools.

Our firm is committed to safeguarding children against all injuries, whether accidental, or the result of negligence or harassment. Parents and caregivers should educate their children about the potential dangers of bus stops, bullies, and strangers who mean to cause them harm, but schools have a duty to furnish a safe environment in which children can flourish. If a school fails to provide a safe environment for your child or if a teacher’s negligence leads to your child’s injury, you may have cause to file a claim. Depending on the nature of your child’s injuries, your child may suffer long-lasting and permanent damage that will affect him or her throughout life. Don’t delay, however, because there are time limits to filing personal injury claims in the State of Colorado.

If your child has been injured during the school day, contact our office today to discuss your case. Our Denver personal injury attorneys can help you find the answers to your questions and protect your family during this time. Our Colorado personal injury law firm has the experience to know when our clients are being treated fairly and will respond accordingly. Contact us today at 303-597-4500 for a free initial consultation.

marijuanaFor the most part, the jury is still out when it comes to the long-term effects marijuana consumption has on the human body. Some medical professionals claim that smoking marijuana imposes mortal consequences on the mind and body, while marijuana supporters counter that it is less deadly or habit-forming than alcohol and nicotine, and should be legalized across the country.

Although it is very difficult to overdose on marijuana, there are plenty of other dangerous consequences you might not have considered. Here are some of the ways marijuana can kill or injure you:

Driving and texting is a very dangerous habit and one that is getting out of control in nearly every city in America. Texting, talking on a cellphone, and even surfing the Internet on a cellphone while driving has caused horrific and fatal car accidents in Denver and throughout Colorado. Now, one parent has come up with a brilliant way to stop picking up your cellphone while you are driving—introducing the “red thumb”.

  In an effort to combat his own bad habit of texting while driving, Steve Babcock, Executive Creative Director at the Evolution Bureau, painted his thumb with bright red nail polish. Inspired by his nine-year-old daughter, Babcock deemed a string around his finger somewhat impractical, and the Red Thumb Reminder was born in August, 2013. The campaign was also a way of honoring Babcock’s late uncle who was killed in an accident involving texting and driving. Babcock hopes to help distracted drivers across the nation avoid potentially fatal auto accidents, and he believes the bright red thumbnail is a useful way to do just that.   Disconnecting from Social Media It can be difficult to be disconnected—even for a few minutes—in our world of social media, however those minutes, or even seconds, could mean the difference between life and death. Recent research shows that 1.3 million crashes annually can be attributed to texting and driving.   While most of us surely know how dangerous texting and driving is, some 77% of teens admit they are very or somewhat comfortable texting as they drive, and a staggering 55% of teens believe “it’s easy to text and drive.” Since texting and driving is now the leading cause of death for teen drivers, it’s clear that the constant messages against texting and driving are simply not getting through. A Belgium project tricked teens into believing they had to prove they could text and drive in order to pass the driving test. The alarming results can be seen at   If the above statistics were not sufficient to convince you, consider the following:  
  • The minimum amount of time your attention is taken from the road when texting or reading a text is five seconds. Doesn’t sound like much? Five seconds equals the distance it takes you to drive the length of an entire football field, traveling at 55 mph.
  • Text messaging makes you 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash.
  • Teens texting while driving spend at least 10% of the time outside their lane.
  • One in five drivers admit to surfing the web while driving.
  What’s Being Done to Stop Texting While Driving? So far, ten states plus the District of Columbia have completely banned the use of cell phones while driving and 39 states plus the District of Columbia have banned texting while driving.  Despite these laws, teens and adults continue to text and drive. So, could Steve Babcock’s simple solution to this dangerous trend really work? Could saying “pass the bottle,” be responsible for saving lives? After all, while it might seem silly at first, if painting your thumbnail red reminds you to stop and value your own life, as well as the lives of others, then The Red Thumb Reminder might be just the inspiration our nation of texters needs. To Follow the Red Thumb Reminder campaign—and be inspired to Go Red—check    out:   Contact Denver Car Accident Lawyers If you have been injured in a car accident with a distracted driver, contact Denver car accident lawyer John R. Fuller today. Our Denver personal injury attorneys can help you obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries. Our Colorado personal injury law firm has the experience to know when our clients are being treated fairly and will respond accordingly. Contact us today at 303-597-4500 for a free initial consultation.