Month: February 2015

In the Fight Against Distracted Driving the NTSB is Calling for Tougher Restrictions

An official at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has proposed a ban on all personal electronic device usage while driving, in an effort to fight against distracted driving. The Board reports having collected data that shows distractions from phones and other mobile electronic devices have caused, or at least been a factor in, car accidents which killed 50 people and injured an additional 259 people since 2003. Research conducted in...

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Your Odds of Injury Increase After Consuming Alcohol

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A recent Washington Post story debates the question of how often drinking leads to injury. The study in question looked at those who wind up in the ER and suggests that your odds of injury increase after consuming alcohol, and do so dramatically€”at the very least, a single alcoholic beverage effectively doubles your risk of injury. Three drinks, according to the study, increases your risk of injury by five times. It is important to note that the...

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