Month: July 2015

The Safest Cars on the Road | Denver Personal Injury Attorney

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) regularly tests and rates passenger vehicles on their ability to keep occupants safe during a crash. The Institute€™s most recent testing has spotlighted five vehicles for outstanding safety in crashes. IIHS now bestows a Top Safety Pick Plus rating on vehicles that are equipped with accident prevention systems. These vehicles are able to sense an imminent collision and apply the brakes automatically....

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Distracted Teens vs Distracted Boomers | Denver Distracted Driving Attorney

A large percentage of the cautions about driving are aimed directly at teen drivers. While it is true that teens send and receive a minimum of five times more texts each day than the average adult, they may actually be less dangerous while doing so behind the wheel. Let€™s be clear€”texting and driving is dangerous no matter who is doing it. That being said, a recent study from Wayne State University concluded millennials who text and drive are...

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