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According to The Denver Post, two CU-students are facing 18 felony charges for bringing THC laced brownies to their class. The two students brought ‘pot brownies’ to their history class on a designated ‘bring-in-food’ day. They did not make it aware to any of the other students or the teacher that the brownies main ingredient was marijuana. The teacher and the other 7 students were affected by the incident. It was made apparent when several students complained of symptoms including dizziness, anxiety and loss of consciousness. The teacher assistant and two students were hospitalized after ingesting the brownies. The two students admitted to bringing in marijuana infused brownies to the class. The two students are facing identical charges: eight counts of second-degree assault and eight counts of inducing the consumption of a controlled substance, one count of each charge representing each victim, as well as one count each of conspiracy to commit second-degree assault and conspiracy to induce consumption of a controlled substance because they are alleged to have worked together.

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Marijuana is the most frequently used illegal drug in the United States. According to, nearly 69 million Americans have tried marijuana at least once. A survey showed that 59% of users forgot what a conversation had been about before the conversation was over. Marijuana users in college were surveyed 24 hours after use and found an inability to focus on material, maintain attention or organize data. Health reports have shown that smoking weed is just as dangerous and carries just as many lung cancer causing agents as cigarettes. A person who smokes 5 joints a week can be consuming as many lung cancer agents as a smoker who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. On average a marijuana joint can have 50% more cancer causing agents as a tobacco cigarette. Marijuana causes increased process of deterioration of mental abilities, as well as affects reproductive nature and increases risk of lung cancer and oral cancer. There are many differences between smoking and ingesting weed. It is important that when eating weed to be aware that the concentration levels are different.

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