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ADHD and Premature Death | Do Kids with ADHD Die Earlier?

In the past, researchers have hypothesized about a correlation between a diagnosis of ADHD and premature death, but no study has ever been conducted on a large enough scale to bring merit to the idea- until now. A new study published in the UK medical journal Lancet does the best job to-date of illustrating this connection.

Danish researchers tracked 2 million people for just over thirty years, from their first birthdays until 2013. Among this group, 32,000 individuals were diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Over the three decades, researchers were able to ascertain two startling facts- in contrast to the group without ADHD, the test subjects were much more predisposed to having accidents and twice as apt to die early. Of those diagnosed with ADHD, 107 died over the course of the study. Of those 79 for whom a cause of death could be confirmed, it was determined that 78% of them died from unnatural causes, most notably some type of accident. Additionally, it was determined that women who were diagnosed with ADHD had a greater risk of premature death, as did those diagnosed as adults. Other reasons ADHD people might be more prone to premature death include:
  • Inattention and spontaneity which lead to accidents and sub-standard health habits
  • Risky behavior and substance abuse which lead to health risks, fighting, and accidents
  • Antisocial disorders which can lead to hostility, violence, and misconduct
Additionally, lack of adequate treatment could be another reason for early death among those with ADHD. The average age for diagnosis was approximately twelve years, therefore, a large number of patients began receiving treatment long after they started demonstrating risk factors. This supports the findings that demonstrate the premature death risk increases with age of diagnosis.

Helping Your ADHD Child Mitigate Risks

If your child or teenager has been diagnosed with ADHD, don’t panic. Instead, take this opportunity to teach valuable safety lessons to your child. ADHD children and teenagers can be safe – but they often need help controlling their impulses and seeing the “bigger picture”. Teach your ADHD child:
  • Never to drink and drive – no matter what
  • Never to text or use their phone while driving
  • Always wear their seatbelt while driving
  • Always wear a motorcycle helmet, even if one is not required by law
  • Pay attention to speed limit signs at all times
If your ADHD child is prone to distraction, limit the number of passengers they are allowed to drive around. The more friends they are driving with, the greater the chances of becoming distracted by their passengers. In addition, encourage them to do a little extra planning – such as designating a sober driver or not driving in poor weather conditions.

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