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After an Accident in Colorado

Aurora & Denver Colorado Auto Accident Attorney

As with any accident occurring in any town, state or city in the US, if you are in an accident occurring in Denver, the first thing you must do is get as far off the road as possible to prevent subsequent crashes which could cause you and your passengers further injuries. Check the condition of everyone in your own car as soon as possible to check for injuries and consciousness of all occupants. Assuming the accident is more than a couple scratches or a minor fender bender, immediately call 911. If total damages reach over $1,000 in a vehicle collision, police will need to investigate the accident, oversee the creation of the accident report and interview all involved. If there are any injuries, report them immediately to 911 and an ambulance will be dispatched in addition to police officers. Only if you are entirely sure that you are not injured, you can get out of your car and let any other drivers know that you have contacted the police and that they will soon be arriving. If an accident has only minor damages it would be advisable to exchange insurance information with all other drivers directly following the crash, when the police have been called, it is not as necessary since the officers who responds will help in creating the report and recording proper information. While waiting for the police to arrive, run through the accident in your head to figure out exactly what happened so that you can clearly and honestly tell the police all the details you observed about the accident’s cause and occurrence. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm It is important to remain as calm as possible, especially when injuries are present. Accidents can be stressful and stressing out about details of the accident can complicate injuries or interfere with the police investigation. Answer all police questions honestly and fully when they are asked. Do your best to relate all pertinent details and generally follow all instructions given by the police, they are at the accident to help you. If injuries are present, it is important to remain calm to allow the emergency workers to do their jobs. An accident is stressful, financially devastating and emotionally draining. One of the last parts of an accident is making sure that you get the full compensation for any injuries caused by another driver. A Denver personal injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve and has helped hundreds of our clients get the compensation they deserved in their personal injury cases. Contact us to learn more about your legal options and to receive your free initial consultation. We Also Serve Clients in Littleton & Boulder, CO. Bookmark and Share