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Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Aurora, CO

Have you sustained a personal injury in the Aurora area? Need assistance with your claim to receive compensation? If so, call the skilled personal injury attorneys at Aurora’s Fuller Law. Our staff of personal injury lawyers will assist you with any issues regarding compensation. These highly competent personal injury attorneys will consult with all involved in your case for immediate closure, so you can move on with living your best life in the Aurora area.

Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Recover Lost Wages in Aurora

If you have lost wages as the result of the personal injury, look no further than the personal injury lawyers at Fuller Law of Aurora. These highly competent personal injury attorneys can help you get back on your feet doing what you love. As a trusted personal injury lawyer in Aurora, John Fuller stands ready to defend your rights, and guide you through a complicated process to obtain the justice and compensation from your personal injury.

The Common Types of Claims that a Personal Injury Lawyer Sees

The lawyers of Aurora’s Fuller Law area see all types of personal injury claims. The most of common of these claims include traffic accidents, on-the-job accidents, tripping, assault claims, and product-defect accidents. Also falling under the heading of “personal injury” are medical and dental accidents, and conditions that are classified as industrial disease cases. The most common are automobile crashes. The personal injury attorneys at Fuller Law of Aurora are fully prepared to deal with any of these claims.

Factors of Compensation and How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Assist

An accident victim in Aurora could receive monetary compensation because of the negligence of the responsible party through a settlement of judgment. Most personal injury claims are based upon negligence. Some, however, are the result of an intentional act. To hold a party legally liable so damages can be found negligible in the Aurora courthouse, four factors must be at play. The party could have acted responsibly, the party failed to do so, this breach caused harm, and monetary damages incurred. The lawyers at Fuller Law of Aurora can determine what caused the harm and whether the party that caused the injury could have acted responsibly, but did not.

Time Constraints and Your Aurora Case  

Laws in place that determine how much time you must file a claim, known as “statutes of limitations” vary from state to state. Any lawsuit that in filed in the statute parameters can be dismissed with no compensation awarded to the victim. In Aurora, and throughout Colorado, the statute of limitations starts once an injury is discovered. In the instance of slower-acting injuries, such as back or neck pain, the statute would begin upon discovery of the injury. Your personal injury attorney can explain and iron out all the details regarding your injury.

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