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Auto Accident Side Impacts | Denver Lawyer

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Automobile accidents involving a side impact collision ( or T-bone Collision) take place when one car runs into the side of another car. This can be a crash into the driver’s side door, the front passenger side door, the back passenger doors, or somewhere in between. Unfortunately, these impacts often have serious consequences and can lead to permanent disabilities and even death.  In fact, side impact collisions kill 10,000 people every year.

Why Side Impact Collisions Occur:

Like most other types of accidents, side impact collisions are often due to driver negligence. In addition, there are many external factors which can contribute to side impact collisions, such as road conditions, weather conditions and the condition of one’s vehicle. All of these factors can make it difficult for a driver to maintain control over his vehicle and make it more likely that an accident will occur. Additionally, driving in a negligent manner, such as exceeding a safe speed or engaging in distracting behavior, can all lead to dangerous and deadly side impact collisions.

Injuries From Side Impact Collisions:

Side impact collisions are generally quite dangerous as they strike the other vehicle most often directly where a person is seated, making it more likely that the “striking” car will crush in the “stricken” car where a passenger is located. Although most cars now have side airbags to help deflect some of the harm, most side impact collisions occur when the striking car is traveling at a relatively high speed. Therefore, it is almost impossible to avoid some sort of injury when hit from the side. When hit by a car from the side, those inside the car are typically jerked from one side and then to the next, which can  lead to soft tissue injuries in the neck and back. If the car is hit at a high speed, the crash may result in broken bones, brain injury, paralysis, or death.

If you or someone you love is involved in a side impact accident, your injuries may lead to a lifetime of permanent disabilities which require ongoing medical treatments and care. Seeking the advice of an experienced Denver car accident lawyer is the best way to make sure that you receive full compensation for any and all injuries suffered.

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