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Aviation Accidents

Denver and Aurora Accident Injury Lawyer

Flying the friendly skies can be an adventurous pastime for many weekend warriors. Fun family excursions, wild weekend getaways and exotic travel locals can be reached in just hours from many of Colorado’s airports. But unfortunately, aviation accidents do happen—-and when they do, they are often severe and deadly. Due to the nature of airplane travel, aviation accidents often lead to numerous fatalities. Families of the victims are often left wondering —- How did this happen? Why did this happen? And most importantly– Could this have been prevented?

Causes of Colorado Aviation Accidents

  • Improper Maintenance:

    Whether you are flying a small charter plane or a large airline, maintenance is extremely important. Improper maintenance or irregular maintenance can make it hard for pilots to fly the plane accurately and may contribute to take off and landing accidents.
  • Airplane or Aircraft Design Flaws:

    If an airplane or part of an airplane is designed improperly, the results can be catastrophic. An airplane is a precise machine made up of many intricate parts. If one of these parts has a design flaw, it can cause the entire machine to malfunction and crash. When this occurs, manufacturers and engineers may be held responsible.
  • Human Error:

    There are times when an aviation accident is caused by inadequate training or pilot error. When this happens, the pilot, co-pilot or airline may be held responsible for the accident and for the injuries they caused. If drug or alcohol impaired their ability to fly, they may also face criminal charges as well as civil ones.

These are just a few of the reasons airplanes crash every year. If you or your loved one was involved in an aviation accident, it is important to contact a Colorado personal injury attorney immediately to review your case. You and your family may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and for any damages that have occurred.

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