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Baby Crib Injury

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Product recalls based on safety hazards are a common occurrence in the United States, but when infant safety is concerned, the stakes are immeasurably higher.  Crib recalls are, unfortunately, all-to-frequent, and when a manufacturer is deemed irresponsible – either through faulty product design, improper manufacturing, or inadequate labeling – the need to use the legal system to rigorously enforce accountability for resulting injuries and death is paramount. In 2010 already, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has ordered six crib recalls from various manufacturers, for hazards that include:
  • entrapment
  • suffocation
  • strangulation
  • falling
Use of these defective cribs has resulted in not only injury, but several infant deaths.  Obviously, the need for vigilance in the area of crib safety is acute, and consumers continue to be at risk as more defective cribs are discovered.  Instances of infant death are a tragedy that is difficult to put into words, and instances of injury can produce life-long health consequences that require substantial and expensive treatment to manage.

Discovering Colorado Baby Crib Defects

It is a sad fact that the overwhelming majority of defects in baby cribs are not discovered after rigorous testing or safety reviews, but rather after a traumatic injury or infant death.  Recent recalls target some defective baby crib models that remained on the market for over a decade. This highlights the need to consider older equipment that, despite functioning properly to date, could at any point be the cause of a tragedy.In the event of a tragic injury or death due to a baby crib defect, it is important to contact a Colorado personal injury attorney immediately to review your case. Product liability is a specialized area of practice, and success in securing compensation depends on finding a Colorado personal injury attorney who is experienced in handling these complex cases. At John R. Fuller, P.C., we believe you have suffered enough from your injuries. That is why we are determined to make your experience with the legal system as painless as possible. We provide sympathetic counsel for our clients while we aggressively pursue compensation for them. From conducting a thorough investigation to consulting with professional colleagues, we build solid cases and effective arguments for our clients.

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