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Bicycle Versus Motor Vehicles

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[video_seo id=2 autoplay=0 width=480 height=270] Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular sport all across the country. In Colorado, cyclists ride throughout the winding mountain paths and all along Colorado’s roadways. Unfortunately, when cyclists share the road with other motor vehicles, the results can be devastating. Statistics suggest that every 6 hours a bicyclist is killed. In fact, 75% of all bicycle collisions with motor vehicles result in traumatic brain injuries for the cyclist. Even when a cyclist is wearing a helmet, the human body is unable to withstand the forces of an automobile traveling at nearly any speed. If you or someone you know is injured in a bicycling accident with a motor vehicle, it is important to know that the Colorado law is on your side. All drivers are responsible for sharing the roadway with bicyclists. Unfortunately, inattentive drivers or drivers who are impaired fail to see unsuspecting bicyclists until it is too late. When this occurs, the motorist is liable for all injuries and damages that resulted from their negligence. Every year, Colorado passes new laws aimed at protecting bicyclists rights on Colorado roadways. Contacting a Colorado personal injury attorney with an extensive knowledge of Colorado’s bicycling laws is the first step towards receiving the financial compensation you need to recover after your bicycling accident.

Even if you were involved in a bicycling accident alone, there may be parties responsible for your injuries. Bicycle manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that their products are safe and reliable. When they fail to do so, they may be liable for your injuries. Your attorney will be able to determine if a defective product was the reason for you accident and your injuries. Once you contact a Colorado bicycle accident attorney, he will need to investigate your bicycle accident closely to determine all of the factors that contributed to your accident. In addition, he will need to work closely with police officials, witnesses, physicians and bicycle experts to build your case and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve so you can continue to do what you love – RIDE.

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Being hit by a car as a bicyclist often results in severe injury, totaling of the bike, and can even result in death. If you have been struck by a car while bicycling, compensation may be available for your injuries. Fuller Law has helped hundreds of clients in Colorado receive the compensation they deserved. To learn about the legal options available to you and to receive your free initial consultation, contact Fuller Law today. Bookmark and Share