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Bus and Livery Law

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Because limousines, buses, and livery services are commercial forms of transportation, accidents involving these types of vehicles differ from those that involve other passenger vehicles. Not because the shape and weight of the vehicles are substantially different, but rather because different laws and insurance coverage apply to these accidents. Individuals who ride in a limousine, bus, horse carriage, or other commercial transportation vehicle are paying customers who are paying for a safe ride from one location to another. They are not paying for bumps, bruises, broken bones, and other serious injuries. Each year, thousands of passengers of commercial transportation vehicles are injured in car crashes throughout the US. Commercial vehicles not only transport individuals who do not have any control the circumstances of accidents the vehicle may be involved in, they also tend to travel more miles and require more maintenance than the average passenger vehicle. These vehicles are also regulated by several laws unique to commercial vehicles. The number of hours a driver can drive each day, the maintenance which must be done to the vehicle, the certifications a driver must have, and the rules the vehicle’s operator must abide by are unique to commercially operated vehicles and are designed to keep passengers safe.

Unfortunately, even with all the laws that have been written, commercially operated vehicles are still involved in accidents, just like any other car, truck, or SUV. Many of these accidents are caused by other drivers and are no fault of the commercial vehicle’s driver, by some are. Passengers within a commercially operated vehicle can be injured in these accidents, regardless of who is deemed to be at fault. Because of the design of limousines, buses, and horse drawn carriages, passengers can often be considerably injured in the event of a significant accident.

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