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Car Crashed Into A House After Initial Wreck | Denver Car Collision Lawyer

Denver Car Accident AttorneyAccording to CBS Denver In Northeast Denver a car crashed into a house. The early morning snow and wind are said to be a factor in the accident. At the intersection of Downing and 26th street the car crashed through the front entrance of a house. The wind had blown the snow into the traffic signal covering the light. The driver was unable to determine if her light was green or red. She entered the intersection heading down downing when she hit another car that was west bound. After the intial crash the car rolled into the front of the house. The residence of the home were upstairs so they avoided serious injuries from the crash. The driver is taking responsibility for the damages, she herself was unharmed in the accident as well. Have you had serious injuries due to a car crash in Denver? Contacting a Denver car collision lawyer could help you recover the medical attention you require. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that traffic fatalities in rural areas differ greatly from those in urban areas. On average there are more accidents in rural areas resulting in the death of a driver or passenger. The average cost of damage in urban areas is almost twice that of rural area accidents. Car accidents are a likely occurrence. Make sure if you have been involved in a serious car wreck that you contact an experienced and dedicated Denver car collision lawyer. When dealing with the medical bills of an accident it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Contacting a lawyer can help you receive the care and medical attention that you need. Don’t let a car wreck set you back! Contact Denver car collision lawyer John Fuller at Fuller Law. Call today for a free injury case consultation (303) 597-4500.

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