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portrait of shocked male driver closing face with handsColorado is a major destination for families during the holiday season as visitors to the state can engage in superb snow skiing as well as many other Christmas activities. As an example, the capital city of Colorado, Denver, offers many Christmas activities for the entire family. The Denver Botanic Gardens celebrates the season with more than a million Christmas lights illuminating the seventeen acres. The Denver Zoo offers more than 38 acres of light-adorned trees and grounds, even offering animated animal light displays, hot cider and roasted nuts.

Car with smashed windshieldA Boeing jetliner crashed near the East Midlands airport in England in 1989. The crash occurred during an emergency landing, killing a full third of the passengers on board. Doctors who attended to the survivors of the crash, found those who had “braced” prior to the crash, were less likely to have brain trauma or concussions, regardless of where they sat on the plane. The “brace” position in an airplane is head bend forward, feet planted on the floor. Since 1967, the FAA has been studying the brace position, using crash dummies. There have been some adjustments made on the exact posture for those in an anticipated crash, however the basic principles have remained the same.

pot-in-jar-smSince the advent of the motor vehicle, drunk drivers have plagued our streets and highways. But now, a federal report tells us a new threat is becoming increasingly prevalent- drugged driving. Even you may have even driven under the influence of drugs – and not even been aware you were impaired. But what exactly is considered drugged driving, and is drugged driving as dangerous as driving drunk?
松葉杖を立てかけるWhat is the value of your personal injury claim? For those who have been involved in a personal injury case, it is an understandable thing to wonder. Indeed, determining how much specific injuries are worth is a crucial aspect of a claim. It can also be the most difficult aspect of the claim to determine. The negligent party in an accident—or that person’s insurance company—may pay for medical expenses, lost income, permanent physical disability, disfigurement, loss of family, educational or social experiences, emotional damages and damaged property, depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident.
The businessman using mobile smart phone while driving the carWhile most of us tend to think teens are the biggest texting offenders on the roadways, the surprising results of a recent study found middle-aged drivers have a high rate of collisions due to the use of their cell phones while driving. These results show that very few drivers really have a clear understanding of the risks associated with distracted driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported driver distraction was the primary cause of at least 18 percent of all auto crashes in 2012, with more than 3,300 people killed as a result. It is widely believed those numbers were actually much higher in 2012 because many of those who crash as a result of distracted driving do not admit that fact. Three years later, in 2015, the numbers are estimated to be as high as 30 percent or more.
displeased angry pissed off aggressive woman driving car shoutinIn our minds, at least, most of us descriptively categorize the drivers around us as we race to our destinations. We might call them “crazy,” a “slowpoke,” “Grandma,” or other names. In order to determine which driving personalities are the most common, drivers in the largest cities in the U.S. were asked specific questions. These questions included “How do you react to being tailgated,” “How do you react to being cut off,” “At what point on your gas gauge do you fill the tank,” and “What do you do if you miss  your exit?” Once all the answers were compiled, the following key types of driver personalities were revealed:
Truck Driver Fatigue is a Dangerous Problem The trucking accident last year which killed comedian James McNair and critically injured comedian Tracy Morgan has brought safety concerns about the trucking industry to the forefront. In particular, the subject of truck driver fatigue, which can result in serious or fatal collisions, must be looked at closely. In June 2014, a Walmart truck slammed into the limousine van Tracy Morgan and six other passengers were riding in. Reportedly, the truck driver had not slept in at least 28 hours. According to Keith Holloway, a spokesman for the NTSB, fatigue has been seen repeatedly in truck crashes. Holloway says while “it (fatigue) is not the sole cause of truck crashes, it is one of the leading causes…”
5 Most Common Driving DiversionsAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over one thousand people are injured every day in car accidents on U.S. highways. Contributing significantly to that number are distracted drivers. In fact, it is estimated that 10 people die each day in accidents caused by distracted drivers.