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Car on teh roadThe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) regularly tests and rates passenger vehicles on their ability to keep occupants safe during a crash. The Institute’s most recent testing has spotlighted five vehicles for outstanding safety in crashes. IIHS now bestows a Top Safety Pick Plus rating on vehicles that are equipped with accident prevention systems. These vehicles are able to sense an imminent collision and apply the brakes automatically. IIHS President Adrian Lund notes that vehicles capable of avoiding collisions without a human response offer the greatest possibilities for reducing accidents. One such vehicle made this list. The four other vehicles in this list were awarded the rating of Top Safety Pick. These models received excellent marks in crash safety, however, the absence of the ‘Plus’ in their rating indicates they do not possess crash prevention technology. Read on to learn more about five of the safest vehicles on the road today.

Audi A6

With a list price from $46,200 to $70,900, the 2016 Audi A6 midsize luxury sedan received the top “good” rating on all IIHS crash tests. Even on the small overlap test, which simulates hitting a tree or pole with the front corner of your vehicle, the engineers praised the A6 for protecting its test dummy driver. Although some of it is optional, the crash prevention technology on the A6 includes automatic braking and adaptive cruise control that maintains a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you by using radar.

Chevrolet Trax

Introduced just this year by GM, the Trax is part of the newest group of very small subcompact SUVs. It lists from $20,120 to $26,530 and also received the “good” mark on al IIHS crash tests. The engineers applauded the knee airbag for preventing leg and foot injuries, and the side airbag for protecting the driver’s head in a side collision. The standard rearview camera helps avoid accidents while backing up. Further Reading: Snow Tire Study Bill Signed by Colorado Governor

Buick Encore

Akin to the Chevrolet Trax from GM and listing from $24,065 to $30,935, the Encore received all top ratings in IIHS crash tests. Engineers were pleased with the way the front and side curtain airbags worked together to protect the test dummy during the small overlap front test.

Kia Sorento

With a list price from $24,900 to $43,100, this midsize SUV was completely redesigned for 2016. The Sorento, too, scored a top-rated “good” on all IIHS tests. Its roof strength was especially impressive, scoring highly on the rollover test in which the roof is required to withstand four times the vehicle’s weight before crumbling.

Nissan Sentra

The only compact car on the list, the Sentra lists from $16,480 to $20,760. Like the others, it earned top ratings across the board on crash tests. In particular, the engineers noted that the side airbags protected the heads of both the driver and front passenger in the side crash test.

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Businessman sending a text messageA large percentage of the cautions about driving are aimed directly at teen drivers. While it is true that teens send and receive a minimum of five times more texts each day than the average adult, they may actually be less dangerous while doing so behind the wheel. Let’s be clear—texting and driving is dangerous no matter who is doing it. That being said, a recent study from Wayne State University concluded millennials who text and drive are less dangerous than baby boomers who text and drive.
Dense Fog Caused a Tour Bus to Crash on I-70Fog in Aurora was responsible for injuries to a dozen people- one of them serious. Dense fog caused a tour bus to crash on I-70, blocking the drivers vision and making him unable to see that the traffic ahead had stopped. The bus, carrying crew members for indie-rock artists, Twin Shadow, collided with a tractor trailer rig.

Mixed Race Woman with Smart Phone Texting and Driving.According to a recent national study, distractions are a more significant factor for teen driver car accidents than previously suspected. Conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the study analyzed approximately 1,700 videos retrieved from crash vehicles. The videos, utilized by an independent program and intended to help motorists improve their driving performance, indicate that as many as 60% of moderate to severe crashes involve some type of driver distraction.
Could Car Crashes be Eliminated by Autonomous Vehicle Technology?Ninety percent of all car accidents in the United States could be prevented through mass adoption of self-driving vehicles, thus sparing the nation $190 billion in healthcare costs and property damage, reports a new study from consulting firm McKinney & Co. After conversations with several industry experts, the investigators anticipate widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles within 15 years and preliminary enactments early next decade. Some industry executives, such as Tesla Motors Inc.’s Elon Musk, believe fully autonomous cars will be a reality in as little as five years. In fact, some auto manufacturers, such as GM and Renault SA, are working on autonomous vehicles and offering features that allow software to control more functions of automobiles.
Denver Potholes Are Dangerous to DriversTraveling on Denver roads these days is tricky- not because of weather or traffic, but because Denver potholes are dangerous. In fact, the city has experienced a landmark number of potholes so far this year, with a record 10,000 potholes just in the first seven weeks of the year, when ordinarily there are only about 4,500. In an average year, between 60,000 and 100,000 potholes will manifest on the city streets.

Potholes form progressively and can vary in size and shape. They are caused by the expansion and contraction of ground water after the water has seeped into the ground under the road surface. The water expands when frozen and contracts when it thaws. This cycle causes stress and fatigue of the road surface.

City employees are currently working overtime to tackle the greater-than-average number of potholes on Denver roads. In the morning, crews receive a list of known sites to repair. Once those jobs have been completed, the crews spend the remainder of their shifts driving the streets in search of more potholes to fix.

Motorists can report potholes by calling 311.

Dangers of Potholes

Potholes are more than just a nuisance, they can cause damage to your vehicle and cause accidents resulting in serious injury or death.

Potholes put an enormous strain on your vehicle’s suspension and shocks. This can cause expensive damage to your vehicle necessitating an emergency trip to your mechanic or body shop. In fact, an encounter with a sizable pothole can have the same impact as an accident at a speed of 35 mph.

In addition to damaging to your vehicle, potholes can also cause accidents. If a pothole is deep enough, it can cause a motorist to lose control of their vehicle. Additionally, wheels can become entrenched in the pothole, causing a vehicle to spin or roll over.

Rear end collisions can also occur when a driver stops suddenly to avoid a pothole, not giving the motorist behind him ample time to stop. Other types of accidents can occur when a driver swerves to dodge a pothole, only to sideswipe a vehicle in the adjacent lane.

Potholes can also be dangerous to motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The unexpected drop experienced when hitting a pothole on a motorcycle can cause the bike to turnover, resulting in catastrophic injuries.

Pedestrians may step in the potholes causing them to fall and be injured.

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