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insurance policyEven when a car accident is relatively cut and dry and liability is clearly established, your ability to recover damages is limited by the ability of the at-fault party’s insurance coverage. While an experienced Denver car accident attorney can help you get the maximum amount of compensation, if the “at fault” driver does not carry insurance or carries very little, your options may be limited. Colorado State Mandatory Car Insurance Requirements All states have a mandatory minimum car insurance requirement. In the State of Colorado, all drivers are required by law to carry auto liability insurance and proof of this insurance. The minimum requirements are:
  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $15,000 property damage liability
All insurers are required to offer Colorado motorists Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage. While it can be rejected, most motorists do choose to carry this policy. It will pay you in the event you are involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver. While most drivers carry coverage in excess of these minimum statutory requirements, there are many drivers that do not carry insurance at all—or who carry below the minimum requirements. Knowing insurance policy limits is extremely important. Your attorney may be able to file a claim against the “at fault” driver’s insurance policy and then tap into your own UM/UIM policy if the other driver doesn’t carry enough insurance coverage to meet your medical expenses. In some cases, your attorney may also be able to file a personal injury lawsuit seeking additional compensation, which may include garnishing wages or attacking the responsible party’s assets. While insurance coverage doesn’t affect the emergency medical care you receive, knowing that you don’t have compensation for your injuries can play a large role in your recovery. Accident victims who don’t have insurance may live in pain, rather than pay for pricey prescription painkillers; they may refuse additional surgeries that could improve their prognosis; or they may avoid attending therapies due to the expense. This can lead to future complications or a chronic level of pain/suffering. Contact an Aurora and Denver Car Accident Attorney If you or someone you love has been injured by another person’s negligence, it is important to retain the services of an experienced Denver accident attorney immediately. At the law offices of John R. Fuller, P.C., we fight aggressively for our injured accident victims and their families. We understand the complications that can arise after a devastating accident and work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the money you need to recover. Contact our Denver car accident attorneys for a free initial consultation to learn how we can help. Call us at 303-597-4500. We’re available 24/7 by phone, fax and e-mail.

Denied Insurance ClaimWhen you are injured in an accident, we know that your primary focus is on your recovery. During this time, you expect that your insurance company or the negligent driver’s insurance company will handle your medical expenses and rehabilitation bills. Yet insurance companies do not always agree, and they routinely deny or delay valid claims.

When this occurs, Denver accident victims are urged to contact an experienced Denver injury attorney. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to fight the large insurance companies on your behalf and hold them accountable for their actions. If they are engaging in bad faith practices, then your attorney may be able to file a lawsuit against them.

Insurance companies routinely delay or deny claims in an attempt to reduce their liabilities and protect their bottom lines. Unfortunately, many accident victims are unaware of these devious tactics, and therefore settle for an amount that is pitifully lower than they really need—and deserve. They may even think that there is nothing they can do and so they simply pay the expenses themselves.

Insurance companies are counting on this. They rely on your lack of knowledge and hope that you do not retain legal help—and they make millions of dollars every year using these tactics.

When an insurance company has denied your claim, you need an experienced Denver injury attorney on your side. Your lawyer will need to review your accident closely and may need to fight aggressively to get the insurance companies to pay compensation that is rightfully yours.

Some examples of insurance company bad faith tactics include:

  • Denying valid claims

  • Delaying payments

  • Refusing to answer phone calls

  • Losing paperwork

  • Dragging out claims process

  • Offering low-ball settlements

  • Failing to conduct reasonable investigations

  • Canceling policy after claim

  • Ignoring medical information that is necessary to validate claims

  • And more

NEVER agree to an insurance settlement without first speaking to Denver personal injury attorney John R. Fuller. There are ways to fight these devious insurance companies and you need an experienced law firm in your corner immediately.

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If you or someone you love needs held handling insurance companies in Denver, Aurora, Boulder, Commerce City, or anywhere in the State of Colorado, the injury attorneys at Fuller Injury Law will fight aggressively for you, so you can focus on your recovery.

john-fuller-personal-injury-attorneyWe are available 24/7, and routinely handle a variety of insurance dispute cases across the State of Colorado. Discuss your case with Denver insurance dispute lawyer John R. Fuller now by scheduling a free initial consultation. Call (303) 597-4500.

A man who needed a life saving surgery was laid off from his employment and his insurance company tried to deny his claim over a $0.26 mistake. 33-year-old Sergio Branco was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and needed a bone marrow transplant costing $500,000.00 to save his life To make matters worse, when he returned to work after taking his federally granted leave time under the Family and Medical Leave Act, he was immediately laid off. However, he was not that worried because Branco was still eligible for extended coverage under the COBRA program at a monthly fee of $518.26. For the first payment, his wife made a check out for $518.00 and forgot to add the additional $0.26 of the total. The company that was handling his insurance payments did not notify the Brancos of their mistake. In the middle of his treatment, Mr. Branco was told by the hospital that they could not continue because he did not have any insurance. Technically the payment was still due and the Brancos said they would make up the difference. However, they were told by the company overseeing his payments that his former employer had instructed them not to make any more payments – meaning that now – his COBRA insurance was scheduled for cancellation. After making calls to the Department of Labor and getting nowhere, the Brancos hired a lawyer. After several months, they were reinstated and received the treatment that will Mr. Branco’s life. Have you or someone you know or love been denied a insurance clam or the treatment needed due to the bad faith of a insurance company? It is important that you contact a Colorado insurance-bad-faith attorney today to get the help and knowledge you need. john-fuller-personal-injury-attorneyIt is important to remember that the Colorado law is on your side and recognizes that an insurance company has a responsibility to you—their client. Don’t let an insurance company deny a claim that you are entitled to. Contact a Colorado bad faith attorney immediately to ensure that you receive the money you need to pay for medical expenses and damages after a traumatic accident. Contact Denver Personal Injury Attorney John R. Fuller immediately by phone or e-mail to discuss your insurance dispute or bad faith claim. John will arrange your free initial consultation and discuss the different legal issues surrounding your case.

The cost of fighting the Black Forest fire near Colorado Springs has risen to about $8.5 million dollars, according to the Denver Post. The fire has burned over 14,000 acres and destroyed more than 500 homes, also claiming the lives of two people. As the fire reaches status as being fully contained, firefighters are combing a small area that is believed to contain the origin point of the fire. Investigators are also examining the home where two residents were killed, apparently while packing up to leave the area. Nearly 1,000 homes in an area covering an additional 10,000 acres are still under mandatory evacuation, although at one point almost 40,000 people had been made to leave their homes.

As summer fire season sets in, it is a good time to think about the insurance that you carry on your home. Hopefully, all of those people who lost their homes are fully covered by insurance, and will be covered for their financial loss. Unfortunately, experience teaches that insurance companies don’t always keep the promises that they make. When you purchase an insurance policy, you believe that if your home is destroyed by fire, the insurance company will pay to restore or replace your home. But Denver insurance dispute attorneys know that sometimes, when faced with a large claim, insurance companies will do just about anything to avoid paying out on your claim. Sometimes, insurance companies are more concerned with protecting their profits than with keeping the promises that they made when they sold the policy in the first place.

john-fuller-personal-injury-attorneySpeak with experienced Denver insurance dispute attorney John R. Fuller today to discuss your options if your insurance company is trying to avoid paying your valid claim. Insurance companies have a number of tricks. In some cases, they may deny a claim altogether, hoping that the policy holder either won’t know or won’t protect his or her rights. In other cases, they may offer a settlement that comes nowhere near paying for all of the damage. When you pay your insurance premiums, you deserve the full, fair value of your insurance claims. John Fuller is an experienced Denver insurance dispute attorney who will work hard to see that you get exactly what you deserve. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION, call John Fuller today at (303)597-4500 or use the contact form on this website.

JasonCam20111209 164Car accidents are a daily part of life in Colorado, with millions of car accidents occurring annually across the country. Understandably, many people get nervous when they are involved in a car accident. Knowing what to do after a car accident can be difficult in the best of times, but when someone is injured, the police are involved, and people are getting emotional, it can be very difficult to know how to react, and doing the wrong thing by mistake can be very easy. When the an accident results in serious injuries, it is a good idea to speak with an experienced Denver car accident lawyer. Here are some frequently asked questions about Colorado car accident.

Q: If I am in a car accident, and the police come, should I talk to them?

A: Yes, you should speak to the police. There is no need to tell the police more than simply the facts of the accident. You should not say anything that indicates blame; don’t accept blame for the accident, and don’t accuse anyone else of fault in the accident. The accident reports that police officers take are not always accurate, but it is best not to give the police a reason to think badly of you, either by claiming responsibility or by blaming someone else. A dedicated Denver car accident lawyer can often conduct an independent investigation, and demonstrate the facts of the case, even if the police officer got them wrong.

Q: Do I have to tell my insurance company about my car accident?

A: Yes, you do need to notify your insurance company. When it comes to insurance, in many cases the less you say the better, particularly when it comes to the other driver’s insurance company. This is another example of why it is a good idea to speak with a Denver car accident lawyer who can help ensure that nothing that is said to the insurance company is twisted in order to be used against you.

Q: What should I do if the car insurance company won’t pay my claim?

A: Unfortunately, it is standard practice at some insurance companies to simply deny large claims in order to protect their own bottom line. The claim you filed after your car accident has been denied, or if they are offering you a settlement that you don’t believe will cover the cost of the accident, speak with a dedicated Denver car accident attorney to discuss your options. John Fuller can help you understand your rights, and ensure that you receive the full, fair value of your insurance claim.

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john-fuller-personal-injury-attorneyCall John R. Fuller, PC today if you have been seriously injured in a car accident. John has helped countless Coloradans who have been injured in car accidents to receive the medical care that they need, and that the full, fair value of the insurance claim is paid. Your family should not suffer financial hardship on top of physical injury and emotional trauma that was caused by someone else’s negligence. He can help recover compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering from injuries caused by the negligence of another person. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION, contact John today at (303)597-4500.
Denver Car Accident AttorneyColorado is a popular state for many reasons, but one large one is the amount of open space. Colorado is full of active and fit citizens who are out walking, running or cycling. It is important to remember that despite the appeals of being in the outdoors, it can be a danger. 9 News reported a two-car accident at the intersection of West Hampden Avenue and South Elati Street caused major delays and injured 3 people. The report indicates that there was a car accident during rush hour traffic and one of the cars lost control of their vehicle. The vehicle went off the road and hit three pedestrians who were on the corner of Hampden and Elati. All three pedestrians were transported to Swedish Hospital. They were reported to be in serious condition. However, both of the drivers of vehicles involved were not injured. However, there was a large traffic jam associated with the accident because Eastbound Hampden and northbound Elati were closed for hours during the investigation of the accident. Have you been injured in a pedestrian traffic accident? Contact a Denver pedestrian accident attorney today to find out how much financial compensation you deserve. Pedestrians have a high fatality risk of fatality when they are involved in pedestrians traffic accident. Although, being exposed to the natural elements is a great appeal to Colorado residents and visitors, it also poses a great risk to injury. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that over 4,000 pedestrians have died as a result to traffic accidents in 2010. This may not seem like a number of fatalities, however, pedestrian deaths account for 13% of the total traffic accident fatalities. The main reason for these deaths is that inherently pedestrians have less protection from impact. Cyclists accounted for over 600 traffic fatalities. Again, this is due to the fact that they are less protected from impacts. It is important that when acting as a pedestrian you protect yourself by always abiding by traffic laws. There are many times when a car entering an intersection is unable to see around the corner. This can mean that they wont see you when you enter the intersection. Don’t risk your safety, even when you are walking check the intersection and understand where traffic is coming from before you proceed into the intersection. denver personal injury attorneyIf you have been injured in a Denver pedestrian accident attorney it is important that you seek out a personal injury lawyer who will work with you to protect your rights. John Fuller is an experienced personal injury lawyer who has worked with Denver pedestrian accidents. It is very common for individuals who have been injured in a car accident and suffered serious injuries that they receive less financial compensation for their injuries. This happens when insurance companies try to protect their bottom line by refusing to provide fair compensation to people who have been injured. It is called insurance bad faith. If you have an insurance company denying your claims and you need more financial compensation for your injuries, physical therapy needs, or any long term care. If this is occuring you need to speak to an attorney today who can protect your rights and settle an insurance dispute for you. Contact John Fuller a Denver pedestrian accident attorney today to learn about your legal options and for a free case evaluation at (303) 597-4500.
2619667_lowWhen walking at night it is always important to be hyper aware of other vehicles on the road. Many times you may see a car before they see you. 9News reported that a man crossing a dark street was struck and killed in Grand Junction. The police report from the Colorado State Patrol stated the man was hit by a man driving a Chevrolet Uplander van eastbound on Broadway. The driver of the van was headed toward Greenwood Drive when he struck the older gentleman. The pedestrian was crossing Broadway when the incident occured. The area where the man was hit was a designated crossing area but it was not a lit crosswalk which is why the van driver was unable to spot the man in the street. The 73-year-old driver of the van remained on scene. The accident is still under investigation. It is yet to be determined if the driver of the van will face any charges. Both the driver and the victim are from Grand Junction and were familiar with the area. Have you lost a loved one in a car-pedestrian accident caused by a drivers negligent behavior? Contact a Denver pedestrian accident attorney. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that in 2010, 4,280 pedestrians were killed when involved in car collisions. The NHTSA also reported that an estimated 70,000 pedestrians were injured in traffic crashes involving a motor vehicle and pedestrian. This is a serious issue in Colorado. Many of our states citizens enjoy being outside and enjoying the nature around. A pedestrian is defined as a person involved in a motor vehicle accident that is walking, jogging, riding a bike, laying down, hiking, etc. when they are hit. This creates a lot of concern. When citizens are enjoying outdoor activities such as bike rides they are exposed to the elements that makes them very vulnerable to serious injury if in a car-pedestrian collision. The NHTSA reported that over 70% of pedestrian fatalities occur in an urban setting. Nearly 80% of pedestrian fatalities have occurred at non-intersections of streets versus at marked intersections. Almost of crossing streets. Almost 90% of pedestrian fatalities occur during clear/cloudy weather days, and almost 70% of pedestrian fatalities have occurred at nighttime. Looking at these statistics this makes sense. For example when it is nice out more people are outside enjoying the weather. It is important to always pay attention when a pedestrian. john-fuller-personal-injury-attorneyIf you lost a loved one recently in a vehicle accident it is important to know that seeking an attorney could help you and your family recover financial compensation for your loss. However, before contacting a Denver pedestrian accident attorney it is important to remember that no amount of money will bring back your loved one. Denver pedestrian accident attorney John Fuller understands that loosing a loved one can very hard on a family. He would be happy to have the opportunity to help you and your family hold the negligent driver financially accountable for any lost wages, funeral costs and pain and suffering. Seeking a compassionate attorney who understands the pain of loosing a loved one is important in this fragile time for you and your family. Contact John Fuller today for a free case consultation to see how much you and your family are entitled to at (303) 597-4500.

According to USA today, there was a dispute over a basketball game that led to two men on board an elevated train to be shot. The dispute was between the Chicago Bulls and Philadelphia 76ers game. After the 76ers’ lost to the Bulls, a Bulls fan was quarreling with two younger males before he was shot. The shooting occurred when the man exited the train at 46th Street in West Philadelphia. The second man who was shot was a man that was trying to calm down the individuals who were fighting. Both men were taken to the hospital for minor wounds and are expected to make full recoveries. Police have not caught the suspects in question. The Bulls released an official statement about how they’re saddened to hear the news of the dispute  and shooting.

Have you been injured by an another person’s violent behavior? Contact a Denver personal injury lawyer.

The Bureau of Justice reported that in 2010, about 1.8 million nonfatal violent victimization’s were committed by strangers. Violent victimization means anything from rape, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault. Violent crimes committed by strangers accounted for about 38% of all nonfatal violence in 2010. Simple assault accounted for 60% of crimes committed by strangers, followed by aggravated assault, robbery, and rape or sexual assault. From the years 2005 to 2010, 62% of violent crimes were committed in public places. Of those victimized by strangers about 22% of victims were injured, compared to 31% of victims who knew their offender. In 2010, only 10% of the violent crimes committed by strangers involved a gun. In 2010 victims between the ages of 19-24 years old were the most affected by violent crimes. Young adults between the ages 18 to 32 had the highest rate of violent victimization by strangers among all age groups every year since 1993. There is not a get disparity of crimes rates between races or persons based on their educational level. Anyone can be a victim of violence.

If you have been injured by a person’s negligent or violent behavior contact Denver personal injury lawyer John Fuller. A dedicated and experienced personal injury Lawyer can help you get the financial compensation you need to cover any medical bills. Also holding a person accountable for their behavior means bringing about justice. If your injuries kept you from going to work seeking compensation for missed wages is important. Don’t let someones behavior that caused you injuries go unaccounted for. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help make sure that your case has adequate evidence to prove the other person is financially liable for your pain and suffering. Call John Fuller for a free consultation at (303) 594 4500 today.

According to CBS Denver a mother had to cut a seat belt off her child to keep her from strangling to death after the seat belt malfunctioned. The mother strapped her child in the back seat and when she had returned to the car her child was wrapped in two seat belts and was unconscious. The woman had to rush into the nearby school and get a pair of scissors. The mother said that when she had tried to pull the seat belt back to get her child’s head and neck loose but it did not work, but instead the seat belt continued to tighten around the girls neck. According to the news report this is not a rare incident but a common occurrence, common not only among young children but also among older children and teens. Have you been seriously injured by a malfunctioning product that you commonly use? Contact a Denver product liability lawyer to see if you are entitled to financial compensation. The Automotive Safety Program reports seat belt strangulation is not an uncommon occurrence.  It is a common concern among many consumers, the frequency of a recalls for seat belts. Often a redesign of seat belts is suggested to fix this problem permanently. However, car companies believe that to fix this problem it is necessary to teach and educate parents on how to properly monitor children when they are in a vehicle. The ASP finds that what is causing children to become strangled in the safety belts is an interlocking mechanism. This is designed that when a sudden force is placed on the belt it will lock up to prevent a person from being ejected from the seat. However, what is currently happening is that children are pulling on the belt and causing the locking system to engage when the belt is around their neck. Then since it is not the same force of a car accident the belts continue to stay locked and retract the belt. It is this retraction process that is causing the children to strangle as the belt tightens. ASP believes that if parents don’t leave their children unattended in cars and maintained supervision over them that the children would not be able to get themselves in the dangerous situation of a being strangled by safety belts. If you have had a product malfunction and it caused you and your family serious injuries contact a Denver product liability lawyer today. By contacting a liability lawyer you can help keep unsafe products off the market. This will help to prevent further hurt to other individuals. If you or a family member was hospitalized because of serious injuries sustained from the faulty product, you could be entitled to financial compensation. An insurance company can make recovering financially from medical bills difficult. If you want to receive compensation and reimbursement for your medical bills, you need an attorney who is willing to work for you. By making sure that your receiving the best medical care you can acquire a lot of medical debt. Don’t pay for someone’s negligent behavior. Contact a caring attorney who is willing to listen and stand up for you, not only to insurance companies, but also to companies that make faulty products. Protecting your rights starts with a phone call to (303) 597-4500 for a FREE case consultation.
According to The Denver Post there was a single car crash on Interstate 70. The driver was driving with 5 people in his pick-up truck. The car crashed on an off ramp and cause injuries to all 5 passengers and the driver. Five people were sent to the emergency room with serious injuries. One passenger is in critical condition. Police who were investigating the crash say that alcohol is to blame for the crash. Only 3 of the 6 passengers of the car were wearing seat-belts. Have you been involved in a car collision and suffered serious injuries? Contact a Denver car collision attorney to find out how much financial compensation you deserve. Mothers Against Drunk Driving is an organization that has dedicated itself to trying to prevent drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel. Their statistics indicate that about one-third of drunk driving incidents are from repeat offenders. On average they report that there is as many as 2million drivers with previous drinking and driving infractions sharing the road with every day commuters. Over 10,000 people die every year from being involved in a drinking and driving accident. Which means that, every 52 minutes someone dies in a car accident. When further broken down, every 90 seconds someone is injured in a drinking and driving accident. Making drinking and driving accidents a very common occurrence. Drinking and driving accidents are more likely to involve fatalities and cause serious injuries. If you have been involved in a drunk driving accident and suffered serious injuries contact a Denver car collision attorney. John Fuller is a dedicated and experienced personal injury lawyer who has worked with countless victims and helped them receive the financial compensation that they deserve. A drunk driving accident can cause a lot of damage to your body and your car. Don’t let an insurance company avoid covering the cost of damages. A Denver car collision attorney like John Fuller has experience holding the insurance companies to their agreements and contracts. He is constantly working hard to help his clients recover from injuries, and simultaneously is protecting their rights. Call John Fuller today at (303) 597-4500 for a free initial case evaluation.