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denver personal injury attorneyCar and motorcycle accidents often occur at lightening speeds and with little warning. The impact from those crashes can leave victims with crushed and broken hands, arms, legs, and feet. While orthopedic surgeons and physicians are usually able repair the majority of broken bones and limbs, there are times when complications and even infections can interfere with the healing process. When this occurs, it may be necessary to remove the injured extremity in an attempt to save the accident victim’s life. After an amputation, accident victims will need to relearn even basic skills, such as walking, driving, or even dressing themselves. In addition, they may be unable to continue in their chosen profession, and be forced to find new lines of employment. It is important to understand the true costs of limb loss before you agree to a settlement. These costs are not always apparent and future expenses, such as prosthetic devices, must be taken into account. A study conducted by John Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy found that the total lifetime costs of amputation was well over a half million dollars. This included costs such as hospitalizations, prosthetics, rehabilitation, therapies, outpatient doctor visits, and pain medications. It did not, however, take into account lost wages, loss of future earnings, or pain and suffering. Prosthetic Devices are Expensive If you have suffered the loss of a limb, you will need to be fitted for a prosthetic. These artificial hands, arms, and legs can be costly and cost between $5,000 and $50,000 depending on their design and material. In addition, being fitted for a prosthetic means additional rehabilitation to learn how to use the new device. It is important to know that these costs are not a one time only cost either. Prosthetic devices are usually changed out every 3-5 years, and this ongoing cost must be taken into account before reaching an appropriate settlement. Contact an Aurora and Denver Personal Injury Attorney If you or someone in your family has lost a limb due to another person’s negligence, it is important to retain the services of an experienced Denver personal injury attorney immediately. At the law offices of John R. Fuller, P.C., we fight aggressively for our injured accident victims and their families. We understand the complications that can arise after a devastating accident and work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the money you need to recover. Contact our Denver personal injury attorneys for a free initial consultation to learn how we can help. Call us at 303-597-4500. We’re available 24/7 by phone, fax and e-mail.
Denver Medical Malpractice AttorneyHealth care professionals are required to provide medical treatment that falls within accepted and approved medical standards. When an anesthesia error is made by a Denver medical professional that results in injury or death, the health care provider may be held accountable for medical malpractice. Unfortunately, medical malpractice claims can be difficult and complicated. As such, it is important to discuss your legal options with an experienced Denver medical malpractice lawyer immediately. Time is of the essence; so don’t delay. In the State of Colorado, you only have 2 years from the date of the injury to file a claim. Anesthesia Medical Malpractice: Anesthesiologists, anesthetists, surgeons, medical staff, surgical nurses, as well as their support staff may make anesthesia errors. Additionally, any medical professional who administers or monitors anesthesia may commit an error that harms or kills the patient. Anesthesia errors or complications may occur prior to, during, or after surgery. These types of errors include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Dosage errors
  • Incorrect anesthesia
  • Administering medication that creates a harmful reaction in combination with the anesthesia
  • Failure to thoroughly examine the patient’s medical history
  • Administering insufficient amounts of anesthesia resulting in the patient experiencing the surgery but being unable to communicate this
Complications Caused by Anesthesia: Anesthesia complications are primarily caused by human error. Complications may include:
  • Heart failure
  • Stroke
  • Brain trauma
  • Collapsed lung
  • Infection
  • Organ trauma, organ dysfunction
  • Permanent disability
Wrongful Death Lawsuit If your spouse, child, parent or sibling lost their life in an anesthesia-related incident, you may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Damages may include funeral expenses, medical costs, lifetime projected lost income of the deceased, and more. Compensatory Damages for Anesthesia Errors: If you were injured by anesthesia errors or complications, you may seek monetary compensation for pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses, loss of income, projected costs of long term care, loss of consortium and other losses. Your personal injury attorney in Denver, Colorado will discuss your case with you and together you can review your options. Contact an Aurora and Denver Medical Malpractice Attorney If you or someone you love has been injured by an anesthesia error, it is important to seek out a lawyer who will advocate for your health and legal interests. At the law offices of John R. Fuller, P.C., we fight aggressively for our injured medical clients. Contact our Denver medical malpractice attorneys for a free initial consultation to learn how we can help. Call us at 303-597-4500. We’re available 24/7 by phone, fax and e-mail.
In 2013, the American Cancer Society estimates that over 230,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Early detection is critical to improving survival rates and becoming a cancer survivor. Unfortunately, breast cancer can go undiagnosed and missed for years, leading to metastasis and increased complications. If you or someone you love has breast cancer that was misdiagnosed, you may have cause to file a claim. Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose breast cancer can be deadly and can compromise your treatment and your recovery. You may be able to recover money for medical treatment, hospital bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Time is Critical for Breast Cancer Early detection is essential when battling breast cancer. Statistics don’t lie—5-year survival rates for Stage I Breast Cancer is 88%. When cancer is misdiagnosed or undiagnosed and it reaches Stage IV Breast Cancer, those survival rates drop to just 15%. In addition to improving survival rates, early detection of breast cancer decreases the likelihood of patients having to undergo invasive and life changing medical procedures, such as breast tissue removal and bone marrow transplants. My doctor missed my breast cancer—how could that happen? Unfortunately, doctors and other medical professionals misdiagnose or fail to diagnose breast cancer all the time. When this occurs, the results can be deadly. Breast cancer misdiagnosis can occur in many ways, including: Failure to perform breast exams Failure to order necessary tests, such as mammograms or biopsies Failure to detect obvious lump Misreading mammogram Ignoring breast cancer symptoms and not following up Mistaking breast cancer for a benign tumor Mammograms are specific tests that are designed to detect breast cancer at its earliest point. When a radiologist fails to recognize the early signs of breast cancer, the effects can be devastating for patients and their families. While the American College of Radiology has designed a classification system known as BIRADS to reduce the risk of mammography errors, they still occur frequently. denver personal injury attorney john fullerDenver Medical Malpractice Attorneys If a breast cancer diagnosis error has led to unnecessary suffering or pain, it is important to know that you are not alone. Physicians, radiologists, and other medical professionals should be held accountable for their negligence. At the Law Offices of John R. Fuller, our Denver medical malpractice attorneys know that misdiagnosed breast cancer is a serious offense. Our lawyers fight aggressively to ensure that Denver medical malpractice victims receive the compensation they need—and deserve after a costly medical error. Call us today at (303) 597-4500 for a FREE CONSULTATION.