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Colorado Vehicle Code Laws and Negligence

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The Colorado Vehicle Code makes the determination of negligence in the event of an automobile accident a process which includes investigation, law enforcement determination, an appeals process, and depending on the type of negligence, a criminal trial. The vehicle code of Colorado is constantly growing and being revised as new laws defining negligence and safety issues are written and new policies are created. These laws continue to be added each year and help to keep the people of Colorado safe from new and evolving safety issues. However, their increasing number can also add to the confusion associated with dealing with a charge of negligence in an accident. Negligence resulting in an accidents helps law enforcements officers and insurance companies to define who is legally and financially liable for an accident. However, many accidents involve more than one driver who is ruled to have engaged in negligent behavior, and in general, every accident involves multiple contributing factors. Assigning fault can usually only occur after reviewing them all. The determination of negligence by a law enforcement officer often helps determine liability and can create a clear recommendation for courts and insurance companies in reference to who was at fault. Auto insurance companies often fight amongst themselves, even when there is a clear determination of negligence, and when insurance companies fight, both sides lose. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm We at Fuller Law are here to help individuals get the compensation they deserve and simplify the process of getting the full compensation that is deserved. We focus on getting individuals in the Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, and the Castle Rock area, as well as individuals throughout Colorado, compensation for their injury and property damages.

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