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Colorado Boating Accidents

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boating accident attorneyAccidents can happen on land, on reservoirs, at sea, in rivers, lakes, and streams. Boating is an activity which is enjoyed by all ages, however, it is also one that can result in serious and sometimes even fatal accidents. Under Colorado law, when a boating accident occurs, it is the responsibility of all parties to provide any aid they can safely perform to all others involved in the accident. Furthermore, in Colorado, all parties involved in a boating accident that either involves a loss of life, injury, or damage in excess of $500 dollars must file a boating accident report. Unlike car accidents, police are not always available to immediately respond to accidents which occur in the water and documenting the details of an accident can be much more difficult. It is required by law, and very important for boaters to exchange full contact information in the event of an accident, including name, address, and phone number. In addition, it helps to document all damage with pictures of both boats as without these pictures it may be difficult to prove what damage occurred during the accident and what damage might have occurred at a later date.

When injury or death does result from a boating accident, a high quality boat insurance will often cover the costs associated with the injuries of all parties. Unfortunately, since boating insurance is not required on all boats in Colorado, there are many instances when a boater will not be insured. This can make getting the compensation you deserve in regards to injuries sustained during a boating accident difficult. Without an insurance company, you will likely need to sue the other boater to receive the compensation you deserve, which can entail a long and difficult process. emergency room

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