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Colorado Car Crash Statistics

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Car crashes occur each and every day throughout Colorado. These accidents have resulted in thousands of deaths over the last several years and will continue to result in significant injuries and unfortunate deaths. However, like much of the country, Colorado has seen the number of total car crash fatalities drop over the last 10 years, and incremental decreases in total crash related fatalities are seen most years. The decrease in total fatalities is seen to some as statistically insignificant but other individuals see a direct link between the increasing safety of cars, the use of improved traffic laws and this decline of total crash related fatalities in Colorado. In 2008, 548 individuals were killed in vehicle crashes in Colorado. Compare that to the 667 total crash related fatalities in 2004 and the decrease looks significant and promising. However, there are multiple factors which are part of this decrease and weather often plays an important role in traffic fatalities. The number of DUI related fatalities also dropped over the same 4 years from 228 in 2004 to 189 in 2008, again the significance of this drop can be debated but traffic fatalities appear to be trending lower over time. But crashes are continuing to occur whether or not fatalities are decreasing on whole throughout Colorado and traffic accidents continue to cause property damage, injury, and occasional death. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm Crash statistics can be helpful in setting police patrol routes, in the drafting of laws, and when planning highway construction and repairs. When you are injured in a car crash or you have a loved one injured or killed in a car crash, the statistics don’t matter. Your medical bills may be growing without an end in sight and insurance companies may not be willing to compensate you for all of your injuries, lost wages, and property damage.

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