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Colorado Dog Bite Laws

Aurora and Denver Dog Bite Attorney

Every state in the United States offers some form of protection for individuals who are bitten or attacked by a dog. Some states allow victims of dog bite injuries to seek compensation only if the dog had a history of biting. This is known as a “one bite law” and dog owners and their dogs essentially get one free bite before being held liable for any injuries or damages. The State of Colorado; however, is not one of those states. In Colorado, a dog owner may be held liable for injuries their dog produced, even if the dog did not have a history of biting or known vicious propensities. Colorado law is a form of strict liability law. According to Colorado law, the dog owner may be held strictly liable for any injuries their dog produces, if the victim suffers serious bodily injury or death. Under this dog bite law, a victim may not seek compensation for minor injuries or minor damages. Due to the complexities surrounding a dog bite injury case, it is important to seek legal representation immediately. Many of these dog bite injury cases are settled out of court quickly with the dog owner’s insurance company. Unfortunately, insurance companies will notoriously offer victims without legal representation substantially less compensation than they deserve.  As such, it is important to have an experienced and aggressive Colorado dog bite injury attorney on your side to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.

When a Dog Owner is NOT responsible

Under Colorado law, there may be situations when the dog owner is not liable for your injuries. If you were trespassing at the time of the attack or you provoked the dog in any way, the dog owner is not legally responsible for the injuries you sustained because of your actions. In addition, if the property was clearly marked with “Beware of Dog” signs, the owner may not be held liable because there was sufficient warning posted.

Colorado Dog Bite Attorney

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We personally work with you throughout the duration of your case in pursuit of the compensation you need and deserve. Damages in personal injury cases include economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. In many cases, we have successfully obtained economic damages for the tangible money lost due to an accident including medical bills of all types, co-pays, deductibles, mileage, lost wages, loss of earnings and the reduced value of your car or other property. We also have been successful in obtaining non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, scarring, disfigurement, loss of quality of life and loss of consortium. Finally, in some cases we are able to obtain punitive damages that punish the defendant – often a company – for the behavior that caused the injury or damage.

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