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Colorado Motorcycle Accident Leaves Victim with Head Injuries – Colorado Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

According to NBC11 news, a woman was injured in a Colorado motorcycling accident on Sunday. The motorcycle accident occurred on Highway 65, near where Lands End Road meets Highway 65. The driver of the motorcycle, Maryann Arter, was riding with a group of motorcyclists when she lost control of her motorcycle, hit the brakes, and skid 185 feet, before being ejected from her bike. She was airlifted immediately to a local hospital with arm and head injuries. According to reports, she only had a learner’s permit for the motorcycle and she was not wearing a helmet at the time of the Colorado motorcycle crash. Even though Colorado law does not require all Colorado motorcyclists to wear helmets, it is certainly in the driver’s best interest to. Motorcycle helmets significantly reduce the risk of serious motorcycle injuries—including traumatic head injuries that can lead to a lifetime of disabilities, pain, and suffering. If you have been injured in a Colorado motorcycle accident, it is important to have an experienced and skilled motorcycle accident attorney on your side. Due to the nature of motorcycling accidents, many Colorado motorcyclists find themselves involved in lengthy legal disputes with insurance companies, even while they are still trying to recover from their injuries. As a result, you need a Colorado motorcycle accident attorney who will be an aggressive legal advocate for you and your family. After a traumatic Colorado motorcycling accident, contact Denver, Colorado motorcycle accident lawyer John Fuller for a free motorcycle accident case evaluation. Call (303) 597-4500 today.   Return to our Homepage Bookmark and Share

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