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Colorado Pedestrian Law

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Common pedestrian law in the Colorado and around the country relegates walkers to the left side of the road in rural or undeveloped roads, defines jaywalking as crossing the street in an area which has cross walks away from a crosswalk, and sets up intervals where pedestrians have right of way. Pedestrian law in Colorado also protects the interest of those who are hit by a car while crossing or walking near a road. In fact, other than darting out in front of a car that is too close to stop safely, crossing away from a cross walk, or walking while intoxicated, pedestrians are almost always afforded the luxury of right of way in Colorado. Pedestrian traffic signs, also known as walk/don’t walk signs, regulate when a pedestrian may cross a crosswalk. In their absence pedestrians entering or about to enter a crosswalk are almost always assumed to have right of way if no car is too close to stop as they first step onto the road. Pedestrian law within Colorado can vary from one city to another and all pedestrian signs should be followed, but in general as long as pedestrians follow all posted signs they continue to have right of way. Pedestrian laws are in place to protect the individuals who are at most risk on and around roadways, but occasionally these rules are not followed by vehicles and pedestrians alike. Pedestrian accidents can result in a great deal of injury and a higher rate of fatalities than multi-car accidents. Pedestrian law affords individuals struck by a car on or near a roadway the opportunity to receive compensation for their injuries.

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Although the law is set up in pedestrians’ favor, the events that follow an accident don’t always follow the intent of the law. Car insurance companies often favor their clients when a pedestrian accident occurs, and can say that the pedestrian did not follow all posted rules and regulations. These claims are often false but even when they are true, the driver of the vehicle may still be found to be legally responsible for a pedestrian accident.

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