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Colorado Takes Harder Stand Against Hit and Run Drivers

Last year, there were 5,448 hit and run accidents in Denver alone. This cost millions of dollars in damages, injuries, and medical costs—as well as higher insurance rates. This year, Denver police authorities have already responded to 1,200 hit and run accidents—three of those were fatalities.

Hit and Run Drivers – Harder Stand

Now, Colorado is taking a harder stand against hit and run drivers, in an attempt to curtail the number of these incidents. In March, Colorado became the first state to enact a law that gives statewide alerts for hit and run incidents involving serious bodily injury or death. This alert system acts similarly to the Amber Alert system that is already in place for abducted or missing children.

 Medina Alert Program

The House Bill 14-1191 is also known as the Medina Alert Program, named after 21-year-old Jose Medina who was killed in a hit and run accident in 2011 while he performed his job as a valet. In addition to the alerts, the bill also includes the use of highway road signs, as well as television and radio bulletins that will be broadcasted to alert the public. Before this law was enacted last month, law enforcement in Denver and throughout Colorado used a system they called Taxis Patrol. This program trained cabbies to be on the lookout for fleeing suspects from hit and runs and other crimes. The program was considered a success and more than 5,000 cab drivers participated in the Taxis Patrol program. In addition to this law, House Bill 1158 is now in committee—and this calls for higher minimum sentences for those convicted of hit and run. It also eliminates the possibility of probation or suspended sentences. Colorado legislators hope that these laws can help to detour drivers from fleeing the scene of an accident. Yet even with these tougher laws, hit and run accidents will still occur. Why? There are many factors as to why a person would flee the scene of an accident. Most commonly is fear—fear of being arrested. They may have been drinking, or texting while driving, or they may have illegal drugs in the car. Yet no matter what the reason, the law is very clear—leaving the scene of an accident is a crime.

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