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Trains have been in use as a means of cargo transport and passenger travel in the United states for well over a hundred years. In that time the safety, security, maintenance of trains and their tracks have greatly improved. However, train accidents continue to occur due to human error, track malfunction, derailment, equipment failure, and train scheduling. The vast majority of the individuals who are injured in these accidents are either innocent bystanders or passengers who played no role in the cause of the accidents. These individuals are innocent of any fault yet are often left with significant injuries, property damage, and occasionally even the death of a loved one.

Train Accidents in Colorado

Although many individuals injured in train accidents are passengers on a train that collides with some track obstruction or is derailed. Individuals crossing tracks are occasionally struck by trains while that are crossing the tracks, either as a pedestrian or while driving a vehicle across the intersection. In Colorado, there are intersections which are crossed by pedestrians and vehicles, as well as grades, slopes, and terrains which may obstruct a train engineers view and lead to an accident. Safety procedures exist to protect individuals who are crossing railroad tracks, but unfortunately these precautions are not always followed by railroad staff or fail due to lack of maintenance or care. Visibility and line of sight issues have also played a role in multiple accidents throughout Colorado and these issues are almost always the sole responsibility of the railroad companies.

Because of the speed at which trains move and their massive weight, train accidents usually result in significant injuries and occasionally death. Many train accidents leave individuals disabled or significantly injured for months, years or for the rest of their lives following the accident. Often, railroad companies argue that accidents were the fault of none other than the victim and in many cases this argument is false. With proper investigation and properly executed trials, many train accidents in Colorado have been proven to be the fault of rail companies and train operators.

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