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Colorado Trucking

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Like all states in the US, Colorado relies heavily on the trucking industry to bring goods and produce into the state and transport products produced in Colorado out of state. A large number of commercial trucks travel through the state each day, adding to the overall traffic volume but also adding a unique type of traffic to the state’s roads. Commercial trucks are significantly larger than passenger vehicles and carry a substantial amount of added weight. Many of these trucks can weigh up to or exceed 80,000 pounds when fully loaded and traveling on public roads. This added weight means that commercial trucks tend to handle significantly differently from standard passenger vehicles and require special training to be safely and legally operated. The trucking industry relies on many experienced and well trained drivers who often have decades of commercial driving experience. Unfortunately, all of this experience does not change how large trucks handle, accelerate or brake. Being much larger and heavier than standard passenger vehicles, commercial trucks require a significantly longer braking distance, accelerate much slower when heading uphill, and may be difficult to stop when heading downhill. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm Many of Colorado’s roads have a significant slope and in winter this can pose many problems for commercial trucks traveling through the state. Car accidents involving commercial trucks become fairly common during the winter in Colorado but many commercial truck accidents also occur during the summer resulting primarily from human error or improperly secured loads. In contrast, commercial trucking accidents during the winter are commonly blamed on poor road conditions. Regardless of the cause of commercial truck accidents, all accidents involving big trucks pose the potential of significant harm to motorists sharing the roads with these monstrous trucks.

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