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Colorado Vehicle Code Laws

Aurora and Denver Vehicle Accident Lawyer

The vehicle code laws of Colorado contain all of the traffic laws in the state. When an accident occurs, these code laws are referred to in order to determine who is at fault—or which driver was negligent. A large number of accidents that occur on Colorado’s roads are the result of deliberate misconduct—including excessive speeding or drinking and driving (the ultimate negligence). Insurance companies use these code laws to determine at-fault drivers in order to decide which driver (and consequently, which insurance company) is responsible for the financial damages that were incurred during the accident. Whether the accident happens in a rental car, a company vehicle, an industrial sized truck or a commercial bus, the driver that causes the accident is going to be found negligent and responsible for the damages that the victims sustain. Negligence can be viewed in two different ways when determining which driver is at fault in an accident—it can either be an inadvertent or careless act or it can be an intentional choice. Reckless driving (such as a failure to yield) which results in an accident is categorized as  negligent behavior and as a result, the driver will be held liable for the accident and for the injuries and damages sustained.

Our Denver personal injury attorneys have an extensive knowledge of Colorado’s vehicle code laws and our experience negotiating with insurance companies and litigating automobile accident cases is unparalleled.  Colorado code laws were created to protect the drivers that obey the laws. If you or someone that you know was involved in an accident due to another driver’s negligence, we have the ability to assess the Colorado codes laws and represent you in order to claim the damages that are owed to you. Another person’s negligence should not cause anyone undue suffering and pain. Call our attorneys today.

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