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Commercial Truck Accidents

Colorado Big Rig Injury Lawyer

Large commercial trucks, also known as big rigs, are involved in motor vehicle accidents, just like any other car, truck or SUV which uses roads to get from one place to another. The accidents which involve commercial trucks are, however, often put under additional scrutiny and investigation. This heightened sense of suspicion stems from the fact that big rigs and their drivers are often affected by stresses that other drivers don’t need to worry about, and these stresses may result in serious accidents. Major stress factors for a commercial truck and its driver may include: under maintenance of a high mileage vehicle, exhaustion and fatigue from driving for many hours, carrying more weight than is legally allowed, and improperly securing heavy loads. In the US, and in most individual states, there are specific laws which are meant to regulate how many hours a truck driver can drive each day, how much weight a big rig can carry on specific roads, the type of maintenance and inspection that is required on commercial trucks, and how large or awkward loads are to be secured. These laws are aimed at the prevention of significant accidents and are usually enforced by the department of motor vehicles of each state. Regulating the weight limits on roads is usually overseen by local or state authorities, but there are several federal laws which have been passed which regulate how many hours a commercial driver can drive each day, how much sleep a driver is supposed to receive prior to getting behind the wheel, as well as the type of training commercial drivers who drive from state to state must receive. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm The laws aimed at big rig accident prevention are under constant review on the local, state and federal levels. These laws are seen as an important part of the overall safety of US roads since hundreds of thousands of large commercial trucks are in operation in the United States. When truck drivers do not follow the rules which have been created by both elected and appointed government officials, they are putting everyone who uses the roads in this country in danger. Failure to follow all applicable commercial truck laws results in thousands of accidents each year in the US, including many fatalities.

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