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Compensation for Victims of DUI

Colorado DUI Victims Attorney

Every year in Colorado, hundreds of individuals are injured or killed by drunk drivers. These drunk drivers are taking a significant risk when they first get behind the wheel and are several times more likely to be involved in an accident than sober drivers. It is usually easy for law enforcement officers to determine liability in the event of a crash involving a drunk driver as drunk drivers almost always are either fully or mostly responsible for a car crash in which they are involved because of their decreased reaction times and reduced fine motor control. Damage and injuries caused by a drunk driver are covered by insurance, but often the amount of total damage and injury exceed the policy limits of the drunk driver because of the severity of most drunk driver caused crashes.

Compensation for DUI Victims in Colorado

Although liability may be clear in almost all drunk driving caused crashes, it can be difficult for an individual who has been injured by a drunk driver to get the full compensation they deserve. There are multiple factors that can complicate an individual’s attempt to receive adequate compensation for their injuries, and one of them is that many drunk drivers are habitual offenders and often are driving with a suspended license or without insurance. In either case, the individual is either lucky enough to have opted for an uninsured/underinsured motorist policy, or is left with significant costs and no easy way to collect the compensation they are legally owed for their injuries.

Compensation for Victims of DUI

Even when a drunk driver is fully insured, it can be difficult for individuals to get the full compensation they are owed following a drunk driving accident. Insurance companies are constantly worried about their profit margins and will do everything they can to keep the amount of money they pay for claims low. This drive by insurance companies to pay as little as possible can mean that the amount they offer you for your injuries can be significantly less that the total cost of past, present, and future medical treatments for injuries associated with the accident.

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