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Dangerous And Vicious Breeds

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Every year approximately 4.7 Americans sustain a dog bite injury. In an effort to protect the public from dangerous and vicious dogs, communities that have begun to pass laws that ban the ownership of certain types of breeds that are known to be dangerous. This legislation is aimed at protecting the public, yet many dog owners argue that the breeds themselves are not dangerous and do not pose a threat. While this hot debate undoubtedly will continue for many decades—- are there actually dangerous and vicious breeds to be cautious of?

What is a dangerous dog?

Kenosha Dog Bite Attorney
(This graphic used with permission of Kenosha Personal Injury Attorney Leonard Jastroch.)
A dog is classified as dangerous if he has the ability to inflict severe harm based on his size, weight, breed and characteristics. In general, a small teacup dog does not have the ability to inflict the severe bodily injury that a dog 10x its size does. If that dog has also been breed to kill and hunt animals, the results can be deadly. While not every dog that is part of a dangerous or vicious breed is deadly, they do possess the characteristics necessary to inflict major bodily harm and should be treated with caution. Reports have shown that from 1982 to 2006, 65% of all dog bite fatalities were caused by pit bulls, Rottweilers, Presa Canarios and their mixes. Other dogs that have been known to cause fatal injuries are Dobermans and Chows. These dogs can easily become aggressive and because of their breeding, this aggression can become deadly. Their viciousness is one of the main reasons so many of them are used as guard dogs and watch dogs. Each jurisdiction has laws that attempt to control dogs in the general public. These laws can range from leash laws to citywide dog breed bans and dog owners should be aware of the laws in their community and abide by them. Responsible dog ownership is one of the best ways to eliminate dog bite injuries. If you or someone you love was injured by a dangerous and vicious breed of dog, it is important to obtain legal counsel immediately. A Colorado dog bite attorney will be able to determine if the dog who attacked you had known vicious propensities and whether or not their owner is now liable for your injuries.

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