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Defective Automobile Tires

Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer

Defective tires are the cause of many catastrophic automobile accidents every year. Even though the majority of manufacturers voluntarily issue recalls on defective tires, these recalls often come too late. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that they are riding on defective tires. Sudden tire failure can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles – leading to serious and deadly accidents. At high speeds, and in certain vehicles, defective tires can cause serious and life threatening injuries that can lead to a lifetime of permanent disabilities.

Defective Treads

One of the main characteristics of defective tires is the separation of the treads. Tread separation occurs when the design of the tire is less than adequate. Manufacturers may skip certain procedures such as applying a nylon cap ply to maintain a stronger bond between the tread and the shell of the tire. This poor bonding of the tire components makes the tire more susceptible to separation. In addition, design defects such as deficient skim stock and lack of nylon overlays are also responsible for tread separation. The lack of care put into assembling these defective tires can make the tire manufacturer liable for injuries that are sustained when an accident occurs.

Older Tires

Tires should be replaced within six years even if the tread on the tires still appears to be holding strong. Tires are manufactured with dates that are imprinted on the tires for this very reason, and retail establishments should take heed to these dates when selling tires. Quite often – this  is not the case. Retailers have a tendency to be more interested in moving their products off of the shelves than selling a decent product that is still within its lifespan. If a tire that is sold beyond its normal lifespan causes an accident, the negligent retailer may be held accountable for the damages that the victim has suffered. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm If you or someone you love was injured in an automobile accident caused by a defective tire, a Colorado personal injury attorney can help.  Your attorney will handle the investigation work and file the required injury claims in order to pursue a lawsuit against a manufacturer or retailer that has designed or sold a defective tire. If the manufacturer or retailer is found to be liable, you may be entitled to receive compensation for the injuries their negligence has caused. At John R. Fuller, P.C., we believe you have suffered enough from your injuries. That is why we are determined to make your experience with the legal system as painless as possible. We provide sympathetic counsel for our clients while we aggressively pursue compensation for them. From conducting a thorough investigation to consulting with professional colleagues, we build solid cases and effective arguments for our clients.

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