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Defective Motorcycle Parts

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Although the leading cause of motorcycle accidents and fatalities is driver negligence, this is not the whole story – motorcycle accidents can be caused defective parts as well. Motorcycle manufacturers and engineers have a responsibility to ensure that the products and parts they are selling are safe and reliable. When they fail to do so, they put motorcyclists and everyone on Colorado roadways in danger. Luckily, the Colorado law is on your side.  In Colorado, there are product liability laws that govern defective products that are found to be unreasonably dangerous. When a defective part is found to be the cause of a motorcycle accident, the individual involved has a right to pursue legal action. In a detailed study performed by the HURT Motorcycle accident study, motorcycle deaths are also the result of crashes caused by defective auto parts or hazardous road conditions. The HURT study, a comprehensive federal research project funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, found that defects in the design, manufacture or maintenance of auto parts played a role in three percent of all motorcycle accident deaths. A defective part in a motorcycle or automobile can limit the driver or vehicle from responding in a timely manner. These defective parts can significantly delay reaction time in an emergency situation or fail completely. Tire failure, brake failure and helmet failure are all examples of product defects that have played a significant role in motorcycle accidents. Colorado Motorcycle Accident Law Firm In addition to defective parts in a motorcycle, motorcyclists have been seriously injured or killed from wearing a helmet that does not meet the Department of Transportation (DOT) standard requirements. It has been proven that helmets are 67% effective in preventing serious and fatal head injuries during a motorcycle accident. However, there are many motorcycle helmets on the market that do not meet the crash test safety guidelines of the Department of Transportation. Motorcyclists who are wearing helmets that do not meet the safety guidelines are more likely to suffer serious head injuries. If you or someone you love was injured in a motorcycle accident it is important to contact a Colorado motorcycle accident attorney immediately to discuss your case. If your accident was caused by a defective product or motorcycle part, the manufacturer or engineer may be to blame. An experienced Colorado motorcycle accident attorney will be able to investigate your accident to determine if you have a product liability case.

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