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Delivery Truck Accidents

Denver and Aurora Trucking Accident Lawyer

Frequent stops, blind spots, longer parking distances, and large turning radiuses are all factors which can result in delivery truck accidents. In Colorado, light and medium duty delivery trucks travel throughout the state, making deliveries, picking up packages and traveling heavily trafficked roads. Delivery trucks are often unable to find proper parking because of their size and often end up pulling into and out of unconventional parking locations, including the shoulder on rural and suburban roadways. This unconventional parking can potentially lead to accidents as a delivery trucks attempts to reenter a roadway or tries to find a proper parking spot. Pedestrians are also often struck by delivery trucks as the trucks use space usually reserved for pedestrians to maneuver and park. The quick in, quick out pattern that delivery truck drivers develop can reduce their level of care when pulling into and pulling out of a parking spaces and this can result in injuries to individuals moving around a parked delivery truck, often these trucks are blocking pedestrian traffic. The general focus on completing deliveries quickly also lends itself to drivers exceeding the speed limit. The practices such as parking in unsafe locations, and shifting out of park without first getting a full understanding of the vehicles surroundings lead to many accidents. Colorado Car Accident Law Firm Unlike most passenger vehicle accidents, delivery truck accidents may have more than one individual responsible for the damage to your car and the injuries you sustained. Drivers who are involved in accidents while on the job can be held personally responsible for any crash they cause. However, the owner of the delivery vehicle may also be partially or fully responsible for any accident which may occur. Often, determining who is truly responsible for a delivery truck accident may be difficult and properly identifying responsible parties can take a great deal of time and energy.

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