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Accidents caused by drunk drivers are traumatic for all involved, the victims, their families, and even the local community. Accidents caused by drunk drivers are seen as preventable accidents since they likely would not have occurred if the drunk driver had been sober. These accidents are senseless and can devastate an individual and their family emotionally, financially, and physically. Unfortunately the worst can happen in drunk driving accidents and occasionally the victim of a DUI accident will die following the accident, either at the scene or after spending some amount of time in the hospital. These deaths are preventable and can be blamed on the driver who chose to drive drunk and in some cases, other individuals who allowed the driver to get intoxicated then get behind the wheel of a car may also be held liable.

Colorado Victims of DUI

The death of a loved one is always difficult, but it is often made more difficult by the nagging feeling that their death was entirely preventable. In the case of a drunk driver, blame for a victims death can be squarely placed on the person who chose to drink then drive. This drunk driver made a conscious decision which resulted in a death and is legally and financially responsible for their victim’s death. In some cases there may be other individuals who are legally responsible for the accident because they over served the driver or allowed a visibly drunk person to operate a motor vehicle. The police will likely investigate everyone involved, but requesting that the police do as thorough an investigation as is possible can help prevent further accidents and will hold everyone who was at fault responsible for their actions.

Denver Attorney for Loved Ones Killed by DUI

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After the death of a loved one in a DUI crash, you may be left with tens of thousands of dollars in medical and funeral expenses, financial losses, and possibly even a lost income. These losses can be significant and only add to the emotional effect of losing a loved one. Legal options are available to those who have had a loved one killed by a drunk driver in a crash. Fuller Law helps individuals in Colorado get the compensation they deserve for personal injury, automobile, and wrongful death suits. Contact Fuller Law for information on your legal options and to receive your free initial consultation. Bookmark and Share