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John Fuller appreciates the joys of riding in the Denver mountainside more than your average motorcycle accident attorney. After all, he is a motorcyclist himself. That’s why as a lawyer in Denver and personally, John has seen firsthand that nothing has the potential to cause more damage than an accident involving a motorcycle.

Simply riding a motorcycle isn’t negligent, though that is what insurance companies may lead you to believe after an accident (especially in Denver). Having a lawyer who understands this so thoroughly has lead him and his legal team to consistently get motorcyclists the compensation they deserve for injuries and damage to their motorcycle. We invite you to consider letting us help you build your case after your motorcycle accident. Learn more about how attorney-at-law John Fuller has helped Denver residents over the last decade and how to have him evaluate your case below.

CDOT Data on Motorcycle Accidents

A report on motorcycle accidents published by the Denver Post includes 2015 and 2016 CDOT data. Without knowledge of this data or an attorney to communicate how common injuries are, people suffering after an accident may feel they are at fault and will accept the first settlement offer given by an insurance company. Since motorcyclists have more freedom to move within lanes than other motor vehicles, there is an illusion of increased safety with the increased control on motorcycles. Unfortunately, the likelihood of a motorcyclist being involved in an accident is higher than drivers of automobiles. To date, motorcyclist fatalities have steadily increased every year in Colorado.

How much time after a motorcycle accident is there to call a lawyer?

This varies by location, but in Denver (as well as the rest of the State of Colorado) there is a three-year time limit for filing a civil personal injury claim. If you contact an attorney soon after your motorcycle accident, you will be able to focus on your injuries while we get all the gears in motion for your case to proceed in the most advantageous way for you. For Denver residents, Fuller Law will promptly begin investigation evidence gathering as soon as possible. Insurance companies will often try to settle quickly with a motorcycle accident victim. Their motives are simply to avoid liability and preserve their client’s assets. Unfortunately, most insurance companies offer victims without legal representation, substantially less compensation than they are entitled to. In addition, in the State of Colorado, there is a three-year time limit for filing a civil personal injury claim for injuries caused by use or operation of a motor vehicle (this includes motorcycle accident claims).

What if you’re to blame for the motorcycle accident?

It’s critical, especially when the person on the motorcycle was partially negligent, to contact a lawyer. This causes a reduction in the verdict the victim receives. However, you are likely still entitled to some compensation from the other party’s insurance company whether a national company or in the Denver area.

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If you’ve experienced an injury through no fault of your own, the least that can be done is that your medical bills can be taken care of with your suffering accounted for in the equation. Insurance companies will offer as little as possible if you’re not represented. Reach out to 303-597-4500 to learn more.

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