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Fuller Law has been helping Denver victims of bicycle and pedestrian accidents receive the compensation they deserve through lawsuits since 2006. If you’re in Denver and have been in an accident as a pedestrian or cyclist because of a negligent driver, lawyer John Fuller and his skilled legal team will sit down with you face to face, for a free case consultation. We are dedicated to serving our clients, which is why we only collect payment if we are successful in getting you money for your injuries. We do not charge any fees for our consultation or investigation of your claim.

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John Fuller has served as a pedestrian and bicycle accident lawyer to Denver victims for over 10 years. During this time, he and his team have helped many people injured through no fault of their own focus on getting better. Navigating the intricate world of pedestrian and bicycle accident lawsuits requires a professional to protect against insurance companies. Not only do we negotiate with insurance companies, we will work with you to handle your medical bills, keep your regular living expenses paid, and more, during your claim process.

Nationwide, Nearly 50,000 Bicyclists are Injured Every Year (NHTSA, 2015)

This staggering number represents only a small fraction of actual injuries sustained, as many do not get reported to agencies. With Colorado being one of the nation’s most active cycling communities, this statistic is especially sobering. Denver’s widespread bicycle culture has allowed many opportunities for accidents in the city’s streets with cyclists, experienced and novice, along with a steadily increasing accidents and lawsuits. With more drivers moving in from out of state, coupled with the fact that even native Colorado drivers are ignorant of bike law – the streets can be a hazardous place for cyclists.

Denver Drivers Don’t Know This

Bicyclists know it very well, but Denver drivers don’t, often leading to bicycle accidents and subsequent lawsuits—according to Colorado State Law 42-4-1412(1), “every person riding a bicycle…shall have all of the rights and duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle.” This means that cyclists do deserve fair access to roadways, as equal to automotive drivers. Read more about Colorado Bike Law here.

What’s the deal with sidewalks, pedestrians and bicycles in Denver?

Accidents can happen quickly when these three meet, often needing a lawyer to help recover. According to Colorado Bike Law, bicycles are only allowed on sidewalks where local statues do not prohibit it (42-4-1412(10)). This means that for much of the time, it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk and can result in a ticket for the cyclist. This is because pedestrians have the right of way on sidewalks in Denver, with the intention of preventing accidents and subsequent lawsuits.

What causes bicycle accidents in Denver, requiring an attorney?

Accidents between cyclists and drivers occur for two reasons: right of way discrepancies and negligence. Often, there is confusion as to the right of way between drivers and cyclists, causing accidents. Otherwise, the cause of accidents is distracted driving— which is a form of negligence. When a bicycle accident occurs, unlike in car accidents, cyclists are completely vulnerable. This makes cyclists suffer a very disproportionate amount of severe injuries and wrongful deaths when an accident occurs. If you’ve been in a bicycle accident caused by someone’s negligence, you need an experienced bicycle and pedestrian accident attorney in Denver to keep the air in your tires and ensure you receive fair legal treatment during the process.

What are the facts on pedestrian accident deaths and injuries in Denver resulting in lawsuits?

The rates of death and injuries from pedestrian accidents, just like cyclists, is increasing nationally and in Denver. These cases always require an attorney to see through. There has been a 12% increase in pedestrian fatalities over the last decade (NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts 2015). The six most common sources of injury are tripping, being hit by a car and being distracted by pets (NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts 2015). More than 2 people a day lose their lives in bicycle and motor vehicle accidents on average annually which also represents an increasing trend (NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts 2015).

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