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Negotiating settlements with an insurance company on your own is daunting and can lead many to settle for less than they deserve. Insurance companies will sometimes put their interests ahead of those they insure and deny claims that deserve to be paid or refuse to pay the full amount; this is called Bad Faith conduct. That is why it is important to have an expert insurance claim legal team on your side when dealing with a claim dispute after an auto accident. Our Denver insurance settlement lawyer has experience with both life and medical insurance dispute cases. Whatever your dispute, our team has the confidence and expertise to claim the settlement you deserve. Don’t be pushed around by insurers, hire an insurance claims attorney, and receive the settlement you deserve after an auto accident with Fuller Law in Denver.

What is Bad Faith?

Not every insurance company is honest, and some will engage in Bad Faith behavior. Bad Faith is the failure of either party to fulfill their obligation. Insurance companies that try to cheat and deny claims they should have paid or will only pay out less than the full value of what the claim are showing Bad Faith conduct. They might even exert undue influence over a Denver claimant by denying the processing of a claim.

In Colorado, Bad Faith Claims arise from three distinct types of conduct:

  1. Statutory bad faith: Colorado has enacted laws that penalize insurance companies for the unreasonable delay or denial of claims. C.R.S. cite makes the insurance company liable for two times the covered benefit if they violate the standards set forth.
  2. Colorado Courts recognize a common law claim for bad faith. This claim arises when an insurance company breaches its contract to provide coverage, or otherwise fails to live up to its contractual obligations to its insureds.
  3. Another distinct application of Bad Faith law occurs when a claimant has made a claim for damages against a negligent driver and has offered to accept the full policy limits of the negligent driver’s insurance policy, and the insurance company fails to pay those limits. When that occurs, and a jury later enters judgment for an amount greater than the limits, that insurance company will most likely be responsible for the full jury award because the company placed its interest ahead of its insured by failing to pay the limits when it had the chance.

Expert Denver Attorney for Life & Medical Insurance Dispute Representation

Whether you’re still waiting for a promised settlement or having difficulty having your case recognized by an insurer, Fuller Law’s insurance claims team has the legal experience to fight on your behalf. With our Denver insurance settlement lawyer, you can rest assured you are being represented to the fullest. Our insurance claims legal team learns the ins and outs of every case and bring the full weight of our experience to your aid. Receive the representation you need and the settlement you deserve with our Denver medical and life insurance claims lawyer, today!

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