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Our law firm was founded on our deeply held belief that no one should ever be forced to pay because of the recklessness of someone else. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, you are entitled to accident compensation. And if you’re in Denver, the lawyers at Fuller Law may be able to help.

Did an accident in Denver involve an uninsured motorist? Get a lawyer ASAP.

If your Denver accident involved an uninsured motorist, it’s critical to get a lawyer ASAP. Without adequate representation helping to guide you through the complicated legal system, you can’t be sure that you receive every cent of the compensation you deserve. Even if a motorist is uninsured and the cost of your damages comes out of their pockets directly, you are no less deserving of full compensation. Often uninsured motorists hit and run, knowing that their insurance isn’t valid and fearful of being held liable for the damage they’ve caused. If a person who hit and runs can be tracked down after the incident, which is challenging enough, getting what you deserve out of them outside of court is even more difficult to accomplish. A lawyer will help you examine your civil court case and develop a plan for how to get payments from the offending party, as their insurance will not be involved.

What kinds of compensation can a lawyer get me for my Denver accident?

You may be able to recover money for current and future medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. It is no secret that insurance companies have provided financial incentives to their employees who reduce the value of insurance claims. Don’t let your claim go underpaid. A quick settlement seems like a satisfying over long-term financial compensation.

The Difference Between Settlement and Judgment

Financial compensation means either settlement or judgment. Both lead to compensation and both are most readily successful when lawyers are involved. Whether you’re in Denver or not, the two processes are the same. The fastest way to conclude a case is through a settlement. Settlements are a way for both parties to avoid entering into seeking judgment through the litigation process – IE: filing a lawsuit with the court. If a settlement can’t be reached before the statute of limitations, then the lawsuit will need to be filed and trial be prepared for, seeking jury verdict and judgement. Based on the presented evidence, a jury decides who are all the responsible parties, what portion of the accident is each party responsible for, and how much financial compensation the injured person should receive.

With an eye on settlement, we prepare all our cases as if they are going to trial. We will prepare your case in a way that lets all responsible parties know we are serious about protecting your legal rights and getting you the most money for their injuries.

Contact Denver, CO Personal Injury & Accident Lawyer

If you’ve experienced an injury through no fault of your own, the least that can be done is that your medical bills can be taken care of with your suffering accounted for in the equation. Insurance companies will offer as little as possible if you’re not represented. Reach out to 303-597-4500 to learn more.

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