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The immediate damages and injuries associated with a DUI accident are often significant. It is common for all vehicles involved in the accident to be totaled and often injuries are severe. Common injuries include broken bones, lacerations, severe bruising, cuts, internal bleeding, all too often spinal cord injuries and other significant internal injuries. These injuries can take weeks or even months to recover from, and in some cases the injuries sustained in a DUI accident will continue to affect the victim for the rest of their life. Continuing to suffer from injuries and financial loss even months after a DUI accident is unfortunately common, and these victims often have costs associated with their injuries which may be difficult to pay for.

Colorado Victims of DUI Accidents

The victims of DUI accidents are almost always considered to be innocent of any fault in the collision which resulted from another person’s decision to drive after drinking. However, they are often left with bills following their accident and may have lasting injuries which may continue to affect them for the rest of their life. These injuries are not their fault and they shouldn’t be responsible for these costs. It isn’t fair and there is help. Even though car insurance is mandatory in Colorado and coverage often covers medical payments and damages, coverage limits are often far below the damage a drunk driver will cause and Insurance companies often limit how long after a collision medical payments are to be covered. When damages and injuries far exceed coverage limits, the driver who drove while intoxicated may be held financially responsible for injuries and lost wages.

Denver DUI Victims

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