Denver Hit and Run Accident Leaves Bicyclist Dead | Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

A 50-year-old Lakewood man was hit by a car while riding his bike to work early one morning. David Pickett was on his way to work as AT&T€™s communication specialist when an unidentified vehicle and driver struck and killed the man, according to the Colorado News Leader. The Denver hit and run driver then sped away. Pickett was struck while he was riding along Josephine Street near 46th Avenue. Denver police and David€™s family are asking for help in trying to identify the driver of the Denver hit-and-run. The family remains optimistic and hopes to see justice soon.


Denver hit-and-run accidents have unfortunately been on the rise. While there are many reasons a driver may choose to flee the scene of an accident€”there is no exception; if you leave the scene of an accident, it is a crime. According to the Colorado Revised Statues, a person can receive a class five felony for hitting a pedestrian and not stopping to offer assistance. A driver could face up to 3 years in prison and pay up to $100,000 dollars in fines.


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