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  • My insurance company won’t call me back, and I need help!
  • I’m stuck paying the medical bills and the insurance company keeps denying my claims!
  • I’m not the one who caused the accident, why is my insurance company treating me so harshly?
When you choose an insurance provider, you are entering into a contract with that provider. As long as you pay your premiums each and every year, your insurance company guarantees to be there during an emergency. Whether it’s after an automobile accident or a home fire, your insurance company is legally bound by the terms in your insurance policy. Yet these terms are often written in vague and confusing language—leading to vastly different interpretations. Sadly, when disaster strikes, millions of Americans have realized the cold, hard truth: that their insurance company is NOT on their side. In fact, insurance companies are in a business to make money—and they often care more about their shareholders, than their policyholders. As such, insurance adjusters are often taught and trained to delay or deny claims unfairly—and to always offer a lowball settlement with a “take it or leave it” approach.

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Common Types of Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies are not always upfront about their tactics and the ways that they reduce your claims. These tactics are often sneaky and underhanded and many border on bad faith. Some of these tactics include:
  • Denying insurance claims that are valid
  • Refusing to return phone calls
  • Delaying payments
  • Asking for excessive or unwarranted medical tests or records
  • Ignoring medical records that are vital to your claim
  • Not investigating a claim
  • Not defending against a third party claim
  • Targeting high costs claims and using this as a reason for denial
  • Losing paperwork
  • Offering low-ball settlements
  • Canceling insurance policies after claims are made
  • And more
At the Colorado Law Firm of John R. Fuller, P.C., our Denver insurance dispute lawyers understand that insurance disputes are complicated. We also know that insurance companies will try every trick in the book to avoid paying claims. That’s why we fight so aggressively for our clients—and for the compensation they deserve. Our law firm has the experience and the resources to fight even the largest insurance company.

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denver personal injury attorneyIf you have been unfairly denied by your insurance company or believe your insurance provider has acted in bad faith, contact our Denver insurance dispute attorneys immediately. Our law firm has extensive experience helping individuals fight unfair insurance practices. Contact the Colorado Law Firm of John R. Fuller, P.C. today at 303-597-4500 for a free initial consultation.