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trucking-accident-injury-attorneyMany factors contribute to truck accidents and the injuries throughout Colorado and across the US. These factors can include road conditions, the actions of a driver who were not involved in the collision, and visibility. Another key factor in truck accidents are the ones that the truck driver had full control over. These factors often include: failure to perform proper maintenance, poor load packaging, carrying excessive and unsafe weight for a roadway, failure to observe all traffic laws, and being otherwise distracted during or leading up to an accident. [video_seo id=15 autoplay=0 width=480 height=270] Any commercial truck accident is likely to have multiple factors that caused the collision. In the unique situation of commercial trucking, this may also mean that there are multiple individuals and companies responsible for accidents which may occur. A trucking company which fails to perform regular maintenance may be held responsible for a resulting accident if that lack of maintenance played a considerable roll in the cause of an accident. Identifying and proving this liability and the specific factors that led up to an accident can however prove difficult.
Colorado Car Accident Law Firm A qualified trucking accident attorney will be able to help identify those who are legally responsible as well as prove legal responsibility and how it resulted in a crash. Having an attorney who is experienced in automobile and personal injury law will greatly improve an individual’s chances of proving liability that is not immediately apparent. Proving the legal responsibility for an accident of one individual or company will not necessarily mean that no one else is legally responsible for damages and injuries caused by an accident. Often to receive full compensation for injuries an individual will need to seek compensation from multiple sources. Proving simultaneous and shared responsibility can prove difficult, but often the facts in a case will prove the claim and help an individual receive the compensation they deserve.

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