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Detecting and Avoiding Drunk Drivers

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The consumption of alcohol prior to driving can considerably affect an individual’s ability to drive and makes them much more likely to be involved in a car crash. Typically drivers who drive while intoxicated have slower response times, have reduced depth perception, and have impaired judgment. These factors can make a driver not only more likely to cause an accident, but also lethal. If any driver is suspected of driving while intoxicated it is important to avoid them if at all possible.

Avoiding Drunk Denver Drivers

The most common signs of a drunk driver include weaving within their lane, repeated swerving where no noticeable obstacles are present and erratic speed fluctuations. If any of these signs are noticed it is important to protect yourself from the potential of being struck by that driver. If you are following this driver, avoid passing them as you may be struck by the car while passing if the driver weaves. The best option is to pull over and let the driver get a considerable lead before reentering the roadway. If an alternate route is available choosing it may also be a safe option.
Top 5 Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities By Holiday From The Tafoya Law Firm
(This graphic used with permission from Denver criminal defense attorney Alaurice Tafoya-Modi.)
If you suspect you are being followed by a drunk driver, pull off from the road as soon as possible and as with the aforementioned situation, either let them get a considerable lead or find an alternate driving route. If you see a driver you suspect of being a drunk driver in the opposing lane, give them as much space as possible, moving to the outside of the lane if you are unable to immediately leave the roadway. If a driveway or turn off is immediately available, take it to avoid the possibility that the driver may weave into your lane in front of you or into the side of your car. Call the police as soon as possible to report the suspected drunk driver. You may just save an innocent life. While we would like to think that the suspected drunk driver would not consider driving while intoxicated in the first place that is, unfortunately, not reality and sometimes we have to get law enforcement involved in order to insure a safer roadway.

Detecting and Avoiding Drunk Drivers

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