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Distracted Teens vs Distracted Boomers | Denver Distracted Driving Attorney

Businessman sending a text messageA large percentage of the cautions about driving are aimed directly at teen drivers. While it is true that teens send and receive a minimum of five times more texts each day than the average adult, they may actually be less dangerous while doing so behind the wheel. Let’s be clear—texting and driving is dangerous no matter who is doing it. That being said, a recent study from Wayne State University concluded millennials who text and drive are less dangerous than baby boomers who text and drive.

Using a simulator, the study asked 50 participants between the ages of 18 and 59 to “drive” while simultaneously texting. The researchers measured the number of times the driver veered out of his or her “lane.” Most drivers have witnessed lane drift firsthand and it can be terrifying. In the simulator study, half of the very skilled texters—those who said they owned a smartphone, texted often, and texted with one hand—veered into the other lanes when they either read or sent texts. Of those “prolific” texters, however, the 45-59-year olds did particularly badly.

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While 80 percent of this age group veered into another lane while texting or reading a text, 40 percent of the 25-34-year olds and 25 percent of the 18-24-year olds crossed a lane while texting or reading a text. This study underscores the fact that older drivers who believe they are very seasoned and safe drivers may not be more skilled at phone distractions when behind the wheel as compared to younger drivers. Researchers are unclear about why older drivers veered across lanes so much more often than younger drivers while texting. They theorize it could be due to fewer abilities to manage technological multitasking or that older drivers may look more often at the screen of their phone when reading a text or composing a text.

More than 41 million Baby Boomers – adults who were born between 1946 and 1964) own a smartphone. When you combine the distractions of smartphone use with the natural decline in vision, mobility, and cognitive function that occurs due to aging, the results can be deadly. One study found that drivers over the age of 75 were more likely to die in intersection crashes.

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