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Drunk Driving Victims Attorney

Colorado Drunk Driving Victims Attorney

Driving under the influence of alcohol is defined in Colorado as having a blood alcohol content above .08. Driving under the influence not only carries serious potential penalties in Colorado, it also threatens the safety of all other drivers on the road. Drivers who drive while impaired by alcohol are significantly more likely to be involved in a car crash than the average individual and crashes caused by impaired drivers are more likely to result in fatalities than crashes involving non-impaired individuals. Individuals injured in a crash caused by a drunk or impaired driver are true victims of a very serious crime.

Colorado Drunk Driving Victims

Unlike the average accident, when an accident includes a driver who was legally impaired during the crash, it is almost always immediately obvious who was negligent at the time of the collision. Typically injuries caused by drunk drivers are severe since drunk drivers often fail to apply their brakes prior to a collision as an unimpaired driver would almost defiantly do. Insurance is likely to only cover a part of the damages and injuries that result from a crash caused by a drunk driver and full restitution can be difficult to receive on your own and may take years. To receive the full restitution they deserve for their injuries, lost wages, and possible persistent disability, individuals must work with someone who understands the law and is experienced in getting their clients results. An experienced Denver and Aurora Drunk Driving Victims Attorney is essential when it comes to getting full compensation for injuries and disabilities that resulted from a automobile crash. Because state laws vary, attorneys can only practice law in states in which they have been certified. It is also important that an attorney understands the geographic region in which an accident occurs and is able to fully investigate the scene of the crash. This is the case in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Boulder and elsewhere in Colorado just like any other city in the U.S. Having an attorney who can travel to different cities throughout Colorado and the Denver Metro area easily and quickly, and one who will be able to visit the scene of the crash if necessary is an important part of a successful case if the accident occurred somewhere in Colorado or the surrounding area.

Drunk Driving Victims Attorney

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