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Field Sobriety Tests in Colorado

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Following advances in the accuracy of breathalyzers and the ease of use of blood testing for BAC, many states have reduced their use of field sobriety tests as a means of investigating suspected drunk drivers. However, intoxicated driving related to drug use continues to be hard to determine by blood tests alone. Also, each individual has a different tolerance for alcohol and in many cases, drivers who do not meet the definition of drunk driving by BAC may still be unsafe to drive. To help separate drivers who have full control of their abilities from those who pose a significant danger to other drivers, police in Colorado continue to use field sobriety tests to remove drunk drivers from the road.

Sobriety Tests in Colorado

In Colorado, if an individual has consumed any drug, legal, illegal, or regulated, and is then found to be impaired, they can be charged with Driving While Ability Impaired, DWAI. A lesser form of DUI, DWAIs are charges of drunk driving that carry a mandatory jail sentence if convicted and can result in an individual losing their license. Many individuals throughout the state underestimate the effect prescription drugs and common illegal drugs like marijuana can have on a person’s ability to drive. These drugs can make an individual as dangerous behind the wheel as a driver who drives while severely intoxicated with alcohol. Field sobriety tests are used by police to charge individuals who use substances other than alcohol with drunk driving charges in many cases where a person’s level of intoxication cannot easily be measured by blood test or breathalyzer. Field Sobriety tests are often still used to aid police officers in defining an individual’s level of intoxication following pulling a car over. Despite public opinion, field sobriety tests continue to be a useful tool in the fight against drunk driving. Also, untrue in the state of Colorado, is the idea that an innocent driver can be convicted solely because of poor performance in a field sobriety test. Field sobriety tests are just one form of evidence collecting and in many cases individuals who have reasons for poor results in a field sobriety test, like those who have severe inner ear damage or those who have a nerve disorders, are found to be innocent of any crime and are allowed to go on their way assuming they are found to be safe to drive.

Field Sobriety Tests in Colorado

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